Best Places to Visit in Cairo Egypt

Best Places to Visit in Cairo Egypt

Best Places to Visit in Cairo Egypt

Cairo Top Things to Do

If you are planning to visit Cairo and looking for best places to visit in Cairo Egypt ?Find here the top things to do and things to see in Cairo during your stay in Egypt.
This travel guide to Cairo includes some useful information about places to visit in Cairo and suggestions for the best activities you can make in Cairo for day trip or multi-day trips in Cairo.

Cairo has a unique mixture of different cultures, it is a city steeped in the early civilizations of the ancient Pharaohs to the Roman time and Christian and Islamic history of Egypt it is all brought together with the modern time which make Cairo very unique city to visit and experience the local culture and heritage of Cairo.From the great pyramids of Giza and Sphinx to the Islamic and Christian monuments, Museums. Local Bazaars and many modern sights in Cairo you can visit during your vacation in Egypt.

The pyramids of Giza and Sphinx Must-See

On the outskirts of Cairo, the pyramids of Giza are the sole survivors of the Seven wonders of the world.The pyramids of Giza and Sphinx always in every tourist “Must do activities in Cairo” Enjoy visiting the best iconic archaeological site in the world the great Pyramid of Giza and and other three Pyramids in Giza plateau, you Can enjoy riding a camel in the desert of the Pyramids it is really unique experience in Cairo.

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2-The Treasures of the Egyptian Museum

The major museum in Egypt the Egyptian Museum in Cairo the home of more than 120,000 artefacts from all the historical periods of ancient Egypt the best thing you should see during your visit to the Egyptian Museum is the treasure of King Tutankhamun in the second floor of the museum.
Beside that you will get lost in many artifacts from ancient Egypt huge statues, accessories, Mummies for the Pharaohs and animal mummies one day is not enough for the Egyptian museum.
Egypt authority now building a new museum called the grand Egyptian museum will be open by 2018.

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The Citadel & Muhammed Ali Mosque in Cairo.

The Citadel of Cairo is a series of places and mosques which was the royal residences for the Egyptian rulers for more than 700 years inside the citadel you should visit the Mosque of Mohamed Ali or the Alabaster mosque built in 1805 A.D by Mohamed Ali the ruler of Egypt.
Also don’t forget to visit the mosque of Sultan Qalwan it is in the foot of the Alabaster mosque
This mosque has unique style and intact and it is the oldest mosque in the citadel.
The best thing you will like during your visit to the citadel is the view of Cairo it is a fabulous views of the city and the best place to take photos to Cairo.

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Christian monuments in Coptic Cairo

This compound is home to the oldest churches in Cairo that were blessed by the visiting of the holy family during them flee to Egypt and this considered the oldest area in Cairo, you will enjoy visiting the Crypt where the holy family used as shelter during the roman time and many old churches in Cairo these churches built by the ruins of the ancient temples of Egypt.
You should visit the hanging Church and St, Sergiouse church during your visit to Coptic Cairo.

Oldest churches in cairo

Northern Cemetery the City of the Dead in Cairo

City of the Dead in Cairo is an unusual area where thousands of Cairo natives, both living and dead
are “housed” this cemetery was the burial place of the Muslim rulers of Egypt in the medieval ages
it contains a unique mosques and Mausoleums for the public figures in the Islamic history of Cairo.
This place is considered the slums of Cairo and the poorest people in Cairo live there.

it is really one of Best Places to Visit in Cairo Egypt

Best Tourist Attractions of Cairo Egypt Cairo best sights, islamic Cairo attractions

Cafes in Cairo and Bazaars

One of the best places to visit in Cairo Egypt is Khan El khalili Bazaars in old Cairo and local Cafes of Cairo enjoy some shopping but not recommended to use your Visa just use cash also don’t buy gold or silvers
These products you should buy it from governmental places, you should buy fabrics, souvenirs.
One of the best things to do in Cairo also is to experience the local cafes these cafes are very traditional and you can enjoy drinking tea with Mint and smoke water pip (Shisha)
There are many of the Cafes in Khan Elkalili Bazaars your guide will recommend you one.

local experience in cairo , travel in egypt

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old bazaar in cairo

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