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Best Tourist Attractions in Alexandria

Best Tourist Attractions in Alexandria

Alexandria best Sightseeing

Your travel guide to Best Tourist Attractions in Alexandria .

We will take you in a journey to discover the best of Alexandria attractions & Sightseeing such as  Alexandria National Museum and Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa Pompey’s Pillar and Qaitbey fortress and all the best places that you should visit in Alexandria city in Egypt.

History and Events of Alexandria

History of the city at glance. from 30 B.C till Modern time.

Alexandria city became one of the most famous cities of the Ancient world since its foundation by Alexander the great in 330 B.C from it glorious days as the cultural center of the Hellenistic world
Alexandria city became the most important city in the ancient world thanks for the king Ptolemy the first who completed  what Alexander the great started in his city.


Alexander the great

Alexander the great


Ptolemy the first or Soter ( the Savior)  he was one of Alexander’s genrals , he returned the body of Alexander the great

to Alexanderia  after his death ( Alexander)  in Babylon  and he built for Alexander the great a unique tomb still uncovered untill now a days.

Many explorers and expeditions tried to find the tomb of Alexander the great but they failed
Ptolemy first made many achievements he established the library (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

it was the biggest Library in the ancient world after Ptolemy first came his successors and established the Pharos

the light house of Alexandria was one of the Ancient Seven  Wonders of the world.

The Ptolemaic dynasty ruled Alexandria from 323 b.C untill 30 B. C the last queen was the famous Cleopatra
She ruled Egypt after the assassination of her brother-husband Ptolemy 13.


the famous Actuim war started 30 B.C (2)

the famous Actuim war started 30 B.C (2)

She received a support from Julius Caesar in 41 B.C. he helped her to ascend the throne of Egypt.

Cleopatra married from Caesar and travelled with him to Rome then Caesar was assassinated by his Rivals

 They intended to kill Cleopatra also, but she escaped from Rome, thanks for the help of the new lover Mark Antony.

   After the assassination of Julius Caesar the Roman Empire was divided between Antony and Octavion
Mark Antony controlled Egypt then he married from Cleopatra after that the relation between Antony and Octavion

the relation became very bad so the famous Actuim war started  30 B.C .

Cleaopatra fought with Antony against Octavian then they have been defeated by Octavion

who entered Alexandria in 30B.C because of this Defeat Cleopatra and Antony commit suicide in 30 B.C


queen cleopatra suicide

queen cleopatra suicide


By her death Egypt became a part of the Roman Empire from 30 B.c till the Arab period in 642 A.D then the Capital of Egypt was changed from Alexandria to El-Fustat or Old Cairo.

Therefore Alexandria Lost its prestige as a political capital of Egypt in the Arabic period but the city was the center of trade and culture and played very important role in the time of Muhamed Ali and the modern history.

Best Tourist Attractions in Alexandria.

Queen Cleopatra



Alexandria city one of the main tourist destination and vacation spots in Egypt.

Alexandria is known by the bride of the Mediterranean Sea and it has many famous attractions.

We will take you for a historical tour to the best sights of Alexandria and what you

should do during your visit to Alexandria city

The Ntional Museum of Alexandria.

The National Museum of Alexandria opened in 2003. Its collections are housed in modern villa

Which was built for the wealthy merchant Bassili Pasha and was more recently home to the American consulate. The museum documents the history of Alexandria from the Pharaonic era through the 19th century. It has about 1,800 objects include statues and coins recovered from under the waters of Alexandria’s bay, Coptic icons, weapons from the Islamic era and chinaware, the museum consist of 3 floors.

Opened from 9 Am to 4 Pm everyday.



The Ntional museum of Alexanderia

The Ntional museum of Alexanderia

Komel-Shokafa the Catacomb tomb

Kom el-Shuqafa the Catacomb represent the largest known Roman burial place in Egypt.
With three tiers of tombs that could accommodate up to 300 corpses. the architectural style of the tomb mirrors Greco-Roman styles. This can be seen in the wall decoration, which shows a unique combination of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artistic traditions. Later, the tomb was most likely expanded to allow for the burial of more corpses the tomb is opened daily but it suffering from underwater, No photo.

The Catacomb is the Best Tourist Attractions in Alexandria and must see place in Alexanderia.


Catacomb tomb in alexanderia

Catacomb tomb



The Roman Amphitheater in Alexandria.

Located in the heart of Alexandria city very close to the train station Kom el-Dikka is an extensive

Roman theatrical and residential complex. It includes the only known Roman amphitheater in Egypt.
It is an impressively well-preserved structure composed of thirteen terraces. This was constructed

in the traditional Greek style
Current excavations at the site have uncovered Roman baths, lecture halls, and a small village, the centerpiece of which is the Villa of the Birds, a large house filled with beautiful mosaics. At the site is a small outdoor exhibition of Pharaonic and Greco-Roman era objects that have been found under waters of the nearby harbor.


The Roman amphitheater in Alexandria.

The Roman amphitheater in Alexandria.

The Greco-Roman Museum

The Greco-Roman Museum sas founded in 1892 it has a priceless collection of approximately 40,000 objects

Now it is under restoration.


Greco-roman museum

Greco-roman museum

Pompay’s Pillar and the temple of Serapis in Alexandria.

It is now an impressive open air museum and one of the finest archaeological examples of the Greco-Roman Period

in Egyptian history. Pompey’s Pillar itself stands at the top of a hill in the oldest part of the city of Alexandria

it was a huge temple for Serapis the main god of Alexandria.

images (2)


The Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria.

The Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria Housed in an old that belonged to Queen Farida wife of King Farouk, 1936-1952 the Jewelry Museum has a collection of royal jewelry and medals and accessories In addition it illustrates the excess of the royal lifestyle, with lavish décor, jewel-encrusted garden tools.
It is very unique museum you should visit in Alexandria.

Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria

the Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria

Best Tourist Attractions in Alexandria By the Sea front

One of the top things to do in Alexandria is to walk on the corniche of Mediterranean Sea you will enjoy incredible view of the city also you can enjoy walking in the down town in Saad Zagloul square there are many places to Eat and Drink and many old café shops in Alexandria city center.

Alexandria city egypt

Alexandria sea side

Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina: it was the biggest library in the ancient time it has had more than 70,000 of Papyrus

Scrolls and the intellectual center of the Hellenistic world.


Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Ancient Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Now the Library of Alexandria was reborn in October 2002 by the Egyptian government and UNSCO to reclaim the mantle of its ancient namesake it is not just an extraordinarily beautiful building; it is also a vast complex where the history, philosophy, arts, and science come together. Moreover, the myriad activities it offers have made it a place for open discussion, dialogue, and understanding between the different cultures the massage of the new library is

THE PEACE for all the world.


The modern Library of Alexandria

The modern Library of Alexandria


Fort Qaytbey and Pharos.

The Pharos lighthouse, which had been in use for some 17 centuries it was one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World it was an architectural miracle it was about 125 meters high.
It was destroyed by Earthquake and in the Mamluk time Sultan Qaytbey re-used the stones of the light house to build his fort to protect Egypt from the north borders.

Fort Qaytbey and Pharos

Fort Qaytbey and Pharos

How to travel to Alexandria?

Travel to Alexandria by the train is an incredible experience you will enjoy the Egyptian Delta along the way from Cairo to Alexandria you can use first class train from Cairo.

Where to stay in Alexandria?

There are many places to stay in Alexandria city according to your budget, you can stay for one night in Alexandria

to visit the Best Tourist Attractions in Alexandria and enjoy the atmosphere of the city.
There are historical places and hotels in Alexandria you can stay the most famous is Cecil hotel in Alexandria.

historical hotel in Alexanderia

historical hotel in Alexanderia

What is the best tours in Alexandria?

Alexanderia Day Tours Egypt

Alexanderia Day Tours Egypt


There are many packages and day tours to explore Best Tourist Attractions in Alexandria.

It is our pleasure as Look at Egypt tours to organize your tours to Alexandria city in Egypt.

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We have made some notes about Best Tourist Attractions in Alexandria and top things to do in Alexandria

city which will hopefully be informative and helpful we will try to make you experience Egypt online

or by joining our guided tours to Alexandria every day.

Written by Ahmed Abdalfattah.


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