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Best Tourist Attractions of Cairo Egypt

Best Tourist Attractions of Cairo Egypt

Best Tourist Attractions of Cairo Egypt

Cairo Sightseeing

Your travel guide to The Best Tourist Attractions of Cairo Egypt.

Cairo- the Capital of Egypt, Visit Cairo and enjoy the best tourist attractions of Cairo we will try to give you some useful information about Cairo Sightseeing What you should visit in Cairo  and how?

We always try to offer the Egyptian experience by 2 ways first to plan tours to Egypt to visit Egypt as solo traveler or in a small group

And the second way is to share our knowledge about Egypt history and tours and safety online you can enjoy it while you are at home. written by Ahmed Abdalfattah.

About Cairo the Capital of Egypt.


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Cairo the city of wonders with it is civilization, culture and fascinating history is the largest capital

In the Arab world it extends 42 km along the Nile, about 20 million people lives in Cairo

Cairo has many touristic sites from the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum, Coptic Museum, Islamic Museum

Old Mosques, Old Churches, Slums of Cairo , Down town ,local café, Bazaars and more you can enjoy it during your tour in Cairo.

The Best of Cairo Sights to visit:

1- The Egyptian Museum

Built in 1897 and opened in 1907 it is the biggest museum that contains a unique collection of the Pharaohs treasures on display including the most famous treasures of King Tutankhamun and the most famous Mummies of the Ancient pharaohs like Ramses the second and many other great Pharaohs
You can enjoy visiting the Egyptian museum during you Cairo tour you can’t miss that.

Egyptian museum

2-The Pyramids of Giza & Near by Sightseeing

Egypt abounds in many pyramids begging with Giza pyramids and extend to the western desert.
The most famous Pyramids of Egypt that located to the west of Cairo the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx
The wonders of ancient Egypt and the great Pyramid the only one still exist from the Seven Wonders of the World beside that during you Cairo day tour or in your  Vacation in Cairo you can enjoy Sakkara and Memphis areas you will discover more Pyramids and Tombs and Museums.

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3- The Old Churches of Cairo Christian monument in Cairo.

Religious Christian Tours in Egypt

Religious Christian Tours in Egypt

Christian monuments in Egypt are of religious and historic significances there are regarded transitional period between the Pharaonic and Islamic art, the Coptic museum has a rare collection of the Coptic antiquities and art represents the early Christianity of Egypt
Old Cairo renewed for its antique churches that were blessed by the holy family during their flee to Egypt.

Al Moallaqa (the Suspended Church)

The most famous churches in old Cairo Al Moallaqa (the suspended church)
This church built on the remains of the roman fortress of Babylon it was built on the 4th century
A wood carving icons representing Jesus Christ entering Jerusalem.

Abu Serga Church ( Sergious Church)

Holy family in egypt

This dates back to the 4th century was built on the Basilican style on top of the cave of the Holy Family that was used by the Holy Family as shelter on their flight 6to egypt escaping from king Herod .
This church is considered one of the destination for the visitors of Egypt who seeking blessing.
We will take you there.

4-Islamic monuments in Cairo

Cairo mosques

Artistic beauty of Islamic monuments in Cairo is not limited to mosques only.
It also includes houses and palaces side by side with fortress and architectural constructions.


 Mohamed Ali Mosque and the Citadel.

One of the best and most important Cairo land mark is the Mosque of Mohamed Ali or the Alabaster mosque that located inside the citadel of Salah Eldin, this mosque was built in 1805 Ad and completed in 1830 AD and it is very unique mosque in Cairo you visit it during your Cairo tour.

mohamed Ali mosque

The walls of Cairo & Khan Elkhalil Bazaar

They are a part of the fortifications of the city commander Gawhar A-sekli started building them

In 968 A D then they were completed by Badr Eldin Elgamali the names of the gates one called ( Bab Elfottouh) it is means the Gate of Invasions and the other called Bab Al-nasr which means the gate of victory the armies of Egypt in this time  used to start the war from the gate of the Invasion or he war and then when they back they enter to Cairo from the Gate of the Victory

Cairo islamic tour

Inside these gates there are countless number of Mosques and places and Mosques.

Ends by khan Elkhalil Bazaar it was one of the earliest markets or Souks in the Middle East

This now contains many stores that exhibit wonderful collection of the Egyptian Souvenirs

You can enjoy hassling and bargaining then enjoy Water pip and min tea at any of the local café there.

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This was a brief about the Best Tourist Attractions of Cairo Egypt we can offer you many tours to Cairo

with private guide to visit the Best Tourist Attractions of Cairo Egypt.

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