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Big new discovery in Egypt

Big New Discovery in Egypt – Egyptian Archeological Expedition Have Discovered Thousands of Statues and Mummies at Tomb in Luxor

Big new discovery in Egypt

New discovered Mummies and statues in Egypt

The hidden treasures of ancient Egypt will never ends new discovered tombs at Luxor city with it complete funereal collections, new pyramids discovered at Dahsure , a huge statues discovered at Cairo slums and many great discoveries happened in 2017 the year of Archeological discoveries in Egypt.


new discovered mummies in Egypt

new discovered Mummies

Yesterday on April 18th 2017, THE MOTHER OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL FINDS IN LUXOR- Egyptian scholars discovered 3500 years old tomb of Userhat 1500-1000 B.C at the tombs of Nobles –Luxor West Bank April 2017.
This big discover gave us more than thousand statues, Colorful coffins and EIGHT MUMMIES.
The tomb, discovered in a place called Draa Abul Nagaa Necropolis (the burial place of the Ancient Nobles).
Near the famed Valley of the Kings, also contained colorful wooden coffins and more than 1,000 funerary statues all belongs to Nobleman called Userhat lived in the era between 1500 B.c-1000 B.C New kingdom he was the city judge, it was one of the highest position in ancient Egyptian society.


new tomb discovered at luxor

The tomb of Userhat at Luxor , new discovery

Big new discovery in Egypt - Description

The new discovered tomb of Judge Usehat represents a typical design of Nobleman tombs in the New kingdom. It is a T-shaped tomb consists of an open court leading into a rectangular hall, a corridor and an inner chamber.

After removing almost 450 meters of debris out of the open court, appeared the entrance of the tomb as well as two other entrances leading to two joint tombs.

Excavation works are at its full swings to reveal the secrets of these two tombs.

Inside the rectangular hall, a well-preserved wooden coffin, decorated with colored funeral scenes.

was unearthed and a nine meters deep shaft was uncovered. Inside the shaft, the mission has located two rooms; one on the eastern side where a collection of Ushabti figurines (servant statues).


new discovered objects at the tombs in luxor

the Ushapti figures were discovered at the tomb

Wooden Masks and a handle of a Sarcophagus lid was unearthed. The second one is located on the western side but did not completely excavated yet.

The corridor of this tomb leads into an inner chamber where a cachette of Sarcophagi was found.

It houses a collection of sarcophagi from the 21st Dynasty with Mummies wrapped in linen. A collection of ushabti figures carved in Faience, Terracotta and wood was also unearthed as well as another collection of clay pots of different shapes and sizes.


many Mummies were discovered in Egypt

skulls and mummies were in the tomb at Luxor

Team of the New Discovery at Luxor.

Egypt Minister of Antiquities

Prof.Minister.Khaled Anany.
Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Head of Archaeological Expedition at the West Bank of Luxor.
Mr.Mohamed Khalil Head of the Antiquities Inspectors in Luxor.
Mr.Mohamed Dabish and Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Luxor Antiquities Inspectors.
Mr.Ahmed Boghdady and Ramadan Salem, Restoration team.


Egypt still has endless of new discoveries will be revealed recently.

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