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Discovery of Hellenistic tomb in Alexandria Egypt- Egyptian archaeological mission made a new Alexandri discovery dates back to the Greco era of Alexandria

Discovery of Hellenistic tomb in Alexandria Egypt

Discovery of Hellenistic tomb in Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria Discovery

This year 2017 considered the year of great discoveries in Egypt; many big discoveries took place in Egypt.
Archeological discoveries in Luxor tombs, temples and Mummies, discovery of gigantic statue in slums of Cairo.
New tombs in El-Manya and Aswan and the latest discovery is in Alexandria a unique Hellenistic tomb discovered
in El-Shatby district in center of the city.


Discovery of Hellenistic tomb in Alexandria Egypt

Dr. Mahmoud Afifi, the Head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Sector at the Ministry of Antiquities.

 announced the discovery of a Hellenistic tomb in El Shatby area in Alexandria city. 
The Discovery is made during the excavation work carried out by an Egyptian archaeological

Mission from the ministry’s inspectorate in Alexandria.

Dr. Mustafa Rushdi, General Director of Antiquities of Western Delta and Alexandria explains that the tomb was dated based on its architectural style and the remains of the pottery and Terracotta statues found inside

the tomb in Alexandria.

Roushdi continues that the discovered tomb consists of four halls each one of them has some burial holes

decorated with colorful decorative elements and writings in Ancient Greek showing funerary phrases

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he burials holes were found in rows above each other’s.

This tomb is the typical style of the Hellenistic tombs in this era from 323 B.C until 30 B.C

The material of the tomb is made of sandstone and pottery.

Aya Mohamed Taher, an archaeologist at the site said that the mission found in this tomb about 300 artifacts,

among them pottery vessels, a terracotta statue and lamps made of clay. The mission during the next archaeological season would study the funerary phrases to identify the tombs’ owners.

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