Egypt Guide Ahmed Abdalfattah

Egypt Guide Ahmed Abdalfattah

Hello Everybody I am Ahmed Abdalfattah Egyptian travel Expert and Trip planner for Egypt and the Middle East and founder of Look at Egypt tours, I welcome you to my travel blog about Egypt Experience and history of Egypt and Egypt tours and vacations.

Interview with Ahmed Egypt travel expert,Egypt Guide Ahmed Abdalfattah

Get To Know Egypt Guide Ahmed Abdalfattah. Featured on Guide adviser

What inspires you?

I was born near the great pyramids of Giza, every day in the morning I look to the pyramids.

I started thinking why not help all those who wished to visit my country, thereby making their travel dreams come

true by helping them to experience the best of our culture and discover a little more about our identity. Then, I

combined my love for traveling with the passion for my country and started to create personalized itineraries,

designed to satisfy each one’s pace, but always with the goal of discovering our identity as a country.

I decided to study Egyptian history and tourism and I also studied English, French and Japanese. As a tour guide, I founded my travel agency, Look at Egypt tours, to serve travelers from all over the world – to give them the best travel packages and travel ideas and help them to make the best of their travel.

Did you have any jobs or a career before becoming a guide? If so, how did you make the transition to becoming a guide?

Yes, during my study at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels I used to work as tour leader till my graduation and getting my guidance license.

Tell us a bit about your first guiding experience, where did you go and what was memorable about it?

I remember my first day on tour as if it was yesterday, I was very confused. It was a tour of Alexandria city. I started

to talk with them about general topics and their jobs as an ice breaker then when we arrived in Alexandria I started to talk about the city and its story. My problem was I was talking so much and I wanted to explain all that I knew and

studied. But with the time and the experience I started to know what I should explain and when to stop. I became one of the top 10 guides for Egypt 2012.

How would you describe your guiding style? 

I always feel my guiding style is educational and cultural.

What is the best part of your job?

Meeting new people, I love people.
What’s the most interesting or bizarre experience you’ve had on a guided tour?
I had a group from Japan of 9 ladies. The youngest was 65 years old and oldest one was 82. It was long trip – 21 days all over Egypt. The most interesting point was this tour is extremely hard and it included entering to the great pyramids and many other tombs with tunnels 150 meters deep and only 1 meter high, and a 3000 meter climb of Mount of Sinai was included to see the sunrise.

The next day we went to the pyramids and I explained to them how it is very difficult and I don’t recommend it for you, they ignored my advice and entered the pyramids. And when they got out they told me it was interesting. I completed the trip and I discovered they are younger than me.


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