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bandages of the mummy ,The Egyptian Mummies

The Egyptian Mummies

The Egyptian Mummies

ancient Egypt mummy facts

Learn about The Egyptian Mummies and Mummification of ancient Egypt and ancient Egypt mummy facts and secrets and find how and why the ancient Egyptian made their mummies ?
Learn also about the story of the Mummy Curse of King Tutankhamun with amazing fact about the Mummies of the ancient pharaohs?
Also know about what happened to The Egyptian Mummies in the modern time Modern medicine meets ancient Egyptian mummies CT Scans & Examinations gave us a lot of amazing secrets and facts


King Tut mummy hand

King Tut mummy hand


Why the ancient Egyptian made their Mummies?

The ancient Egyptian believed in life after death which means when a person died they made a voyage to the underworld. They believed that in order to live in the next world their body had to be preserved. A preserved body is called a Mummy.
After death a body begins to decompose. In order to prevent and protect a body from decomposing it is necessary to deprive the tissues of moisture and oxygen.
The earliest Egyptians buried their dead in shallow pits in the desert. The hot, dry sand quickly removed moisture from the dead body and created a natural mummy. However, the Egyptians discovered that if the body was first placed in a coffin, it would not be preserved.


first Mummy in Egypt

first Mummy in Egypt

In order to ensure that the body was well preserved the Ancient Egyptians invented a process called
the mummification. This involved embalming the body and then wrapping it in thin strips of linen.

How the ancient Egyptian made the Mummies?

The Egyptian Mummies made by a process called mummification this process took around 70 days or 7 weeks

the week was 10 days in Egypt and the steps of the mummification process was as following:


ancient mummy making

Mummy making tomb in Luxor


1-The body was washed in the water of the sacred River Nile by the priests.

2-A cut was made on the left side of the abdomen and the internal organs – liver, intestines, lungs, stomach, were removed from the body only the heart, which the Ancient Egyptians believed to be the center of intelligence and emotions, was left in the body for use in the afterlife judgment that will decide the destiny of the dead pharaoh

3-A hooked instrument was used to remove the brain through the nose. The brain was not considered

to be important and was thrown away.

4- The body and the internal organs were packed with natron salt for forty days to remove all moisture and kill the Bacteria and keep the body from decomposing.

5. The dried organs were wrapped in linen and placed in canopic jars. The lid of each jar was shaped to represent one of God Horus’ four sons.


mummy canopic Jaras for organs

mummy canopic Jaras for organs

6-The body was cleaned and the dried skin rubbed with exotic oil taken from the holy flower the Louts flower.

7- The body was packed with sawdust and rags and the open cuts sealed with waxThe body was wrapped

in linen bandages. About 20 layers were used and this took 15 to 20 days.

8- A death mask was placed over the bandages looks like the face of the dead person to replace the face in case of any damage happened to the mummy.


Egypt mummy mask

Egypt mummy mask


9- The bandaged body was placed in a shroud which was secured with linen strips.

10-The body was then placed in a decorated mummy coffins like the Russian doll about 7 coffins each one inside the other

Mummification in Ancient Egypt , The Egyptian Mummies

Mummification in Ancient Egypt


What was inside The Egyptian Mummies?

The Egyptian Mummies contained hundreds of amulets to protect the dead pharaoh in his journey in the afterlife most famous amulet was louts flower symbol of resurrection and the eye of god Hours

most of these amulets were made of pure gold that is why the mummies were a target to the treasure hunters in the ancient and modern time, Tutankhamun tomb contained 150  golden amultes.

mummy amulets

mummy amulets


CT Scans of the Egyptian Mummies

Secret lives of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs revealed Thanks to CT scanning and 3-D printing.
And other different techniques now the scientists and artists know how the ancient Egyptian

lived and what they ate what is the cause of their death. 

One of the amazing results of the Egyptian mummies scan that we found some mummies with Tattoos
and some with dental bridge also we discovered that the dental decay was a serious problem in ancient Egypt

Egypt Mummy dental bridge

Egypt Mummy dental bridge

Today without loosening a single linen bandage from the ancient Egyptian mummies we examine the mummies carefully preserved bodies and skeletons with the same noninvasive tools used to diagnose medical problems in modern patients modern science able to bring the mummies a live once again.


Egyptian Mummy Tattos

Egyptian Mummy Tattos

Ancient Egyptian Mummies in the Egyptian Museum 


This is some notes about the Mummification of Ancient Egypt and the Egyptian mummies hopefully be informative and useful for you we always try to share some notes about ancient Egypt history and the Egyptian experience written by Ahmed abdalfattah

We invite you to visit Egypt and enjoy the wonders of ancient and modern Egypt in a trip you will never forget

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