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Things to do in the White Desert in Egypt

Things to do in the White Desert in Egypt

Things to do in the White Desert in Egypt

White Desert



 Things to do in the White Desert in Egypt: this an ultimate guide to the White and black desert and Bahariya Oases including Things to do in the White Desert such as Camping Experience in Egypt and Jeep Safari and off road adventure in the Sand Sea your visit to the White Desert not only for Safari adventure but you will enjoy cultural tour in the Egyptian desert it has many unique archaeological sites like the Valley of the golden Mummies and the museum of Bahariyya Oases also some tombs from the Roman era and the temple of Alexander the great ,we will take you to an Arabian adventure to the Egyptian Desert through this article to make you experience places less explored in Egypt you shouldn’t miss hop you like it.

Trip to White Desert and Bahariya Oasis

Trip to White Desert and Bahariya Oasis

Bahariyya Oases & Things to do in the White Desert in Egypt

 Bahariyya Oases is surrounded by desert dunes, mountains walks, palm plantations, hot springs.

Bahariyya is most famous for the Black & White Desert and the Valley of the Golden Mummies that discovered by Prof. Zahi Hawass in 1996 the Valley of the Golden Mummies is ahuge burial place at Bahariya Oases in the western desert of Egypt Prof.Zahi found about 250 Mummies but the site has more than this number according to the excavator even more than 10,000 mummies this site dates back to the Greco-Roman Era.

The Museum of the golden Mummies

the golden Mummies

What you can expect to see in the White desert.

Explore the White Desert and the wonders of the White & Black Desert and enjoy camping under the stars.

 The White Desert is known for its wind-shaped sandstone clay formations takes the shapes of animals and birds, water melon beside that visitthe Crystal Mountain and hot springs there are many things to do in the White desert in Egypt you can make this desrt adventure in just 3 days trip in the White desert.


White desert wonders

White desert wonders


Interesting facts about the White Desert in Egypt

One must see the White desert in the correct light at dawn when It seems that huge monsters. are awakening; to a new day; at dusk, when the long golden sun makes the monoliths want to dance; at the full moon when the white of the desert floor shimmers in eerie silence.
One must also see the White desert in winter when the sunlight isn’t so harsh as to bleach all the color from the sky and the monoliths are silhouetted in a deep blue which their whiteness, helps, enhance.
It comes down to the fact that one must see the White desert of Farafra.


White desert Sunset

White desert Sunset

Local guides designate a small area of the desert between Qasr Fara-fra and the escarpment to the northeast as the White desert but in fact most of the desert floor beginning 8 kilometer, (5 northeast of Qasr has white outcroppings and the entire area could be called the White Desert.

Ten kilometers after leaving the checkpoint at Qasr Farafra the magnificent white chalk sculpture eroded by the wind begin to appear on the right hand or south side of the road.

 Here is an entire cast from the Theatre of the Absurd: sun bathers in sunglasses lifting their faces to the sun, squat Mexicans in broad brimmed hats, bull- fighters with their capes wrapped around their legs after a pass.  Of the formations are surrealistic, others, locked into distinct shapes.

The desert winds keep changing the sculptures, clipping, a bit here and there, chipping away, eroding the ridges and creating newer, stranger shapes which lie beneath the surface of the stone. The off mad driving can be precarious, but regular vehicles can travel a little of the way, while 4x4s and dirt bikes can cavort at will.

Camping in the white desrt

Camping in the white desrt

For the less adventuresome this surreal forest is very close to the road and walking amid the strange monoliths is an experience not to be missed.

Be careful when you walk in the desert. Use common sense. Don’t sit on a rock unless you are sure nothing else is sitting there.

Look for tracks in the sand if a viper track goes one direction, you should go another. There is little you can do if one of these lethal little snakes sinks its fangs into you. They will not come looking for you, but if you get too near their resting place they will attack and some of them can jump six feet into the air to take a bite.

Sandbaording in the white desrt

Sandbaording in the white desrt

They usually come out at night and during the day are resting shaded rock areas, or just under the sand. They are also summer creatures. Now that you have been scared out of your wits it is worth mentioning that after fifteen years roaming the deserts of Egypt, this writer has yet to see a viper.


lunch at the white desrt

picnic at the White dert


As beautiful as it is, the chalk can also create severe problems. Twenty kilometers (12.5 miles) north-northeast of Qasr, the hard white chalk has been churned to powder by the elements and covers the ground to a depth of 30 to 50 centimeters. Heavy winds can lift the powder into the air creating a
Fog like storm.
Unlike sand which settles quickly after the winds subside, the tine power can hang in the air for days. When Beadnell was surveying here in the 1890s he encountered just such a storm. This powdery chalk penetrates some of the springs in the area and makes the water all but undrinkable.
The White Desert is a paradise for rock hounds and amateur geologists.
The small quartz crystals scattered on the desert, floor are used by Bedouin to help – quench thirst in the dry, hot desert climate.


Explore the Egyptian desert

Explore the Egyptian desert

The procedure is straightforward. Find a crystal and pop it into your mouth.
It helps salivation and keeps the mouth moist.

We try to make some notes about Things to do in the White Desert in Egypt and her we will guide you

to how to plan the best Desert Adventure in the White Desert and camping in the desert.

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Things to do in the White Desert in Egypt written by Ahmed abdalfattah.



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