Top Things to Do and See on Lake Nasser Cruise

Top Things to Do and See on Lake Nasser Cruise

Top Things to Do and See on Lake Nasser Cruise

Lake Nasser cruise Planning

Cruising Lake Nasser in Egypt is a great chance to explore the incredible scenery and the natural beauty of Lake Nasser. Explore the ancient temples and tombs of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs on your cruise adventure on Lake Nasser. Here I will try to give you some information about Lake Nasser facts and the types of adventure you should do on Lake Nasser and the top things to do and see on Lake Nasser cruise hope you like it.

Facts about Lake Nasser Cruise

The world largest Man-made Lake, Lake Nasser is over 300 miles long and, in places, can reach a depth of 180 Meters, the lake was created in the 1960s when the world famous High Dam was built. Together with the old Aswan Dam, it provides irrigation and electricity for the whole of Egypt.
It was named after Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egypt’s President from 1953-1970.
Part of the area Lake Nasser covers today was once the site of the temples of Abu Simbel and many other ancient temples these temples were moved but other sites of historical significance were submerged. Today, 32 species of fish, as well as Nile crocodiles are found in the Lake.
The shoreline varies between desert landscapes, to being hilly and rugged, or flat and sandy with clean freshwater beaches.
The lake is very remote and sparsely populated by peasant anglers, Nubian Farmers, Bedouin camels, and sheep herdsmen who are occasionally seen grazing their flocks on the scant vegetation at the edge of the Lake.

The Temple of Kalabsha and Beit Elwali on Lake Nasser

The Historical Places on the Banks of the Lake Nasser

During your Lake Nasser cruise adventure there are many things to do and see in this incredible part of Egypt

Of course first of all is to visit the ancient temples on the banks of the Lake, these temples were rescued during the building of the High Dam between 1960 t0 1971 so these temples has an epic stories in ancient and modern times , the top temples to see on the banks of Lake Nasser of course the great temple of Abu Simble. Beside that you can visit Wadi es-Sebua temple or valley of the Lions temple built also by Ramses II.

also cruising on Lake Nasser will take you to many hidden treasures like Amada temple the oldest Egyptian temple in Nubia and still in very good conditions and Dakka temple from the Greco-Roman era.

So the cruising on Lake Nasser will allow you to make an historical adventure to ancient Egypt treasures.

What else you Can do on Lake Nasser adventure ? Actually there are many Safari adventures like trekking

on the banks of Lake Nasser like safari in Abu Garf it is not frequently visited place in Egypt but it is one of the best trekking adventure in Egypt.Also we can’t ignore the Fishing Safari on Lake Nasser it is best Nile Perch fishing destination in the World.

This is the best activities on Lake Nasser, to make all of these adventure you should plan your trip through local tour company in Egypt to make sure they will get all the governmental permissions to make your perfect trip to Lake Nasser.

Abu Simbel small temple

Planning Lake Nasser Cruise

If you are searching for Lake Nasser cruise adventure and wondering what you should do?

Here i will guide you to how to plan the perfect cruise on Lake Nasser.

First of all you should choose the perfect time to make your cruise and the best recommended time for the Lake Nasser cruise is from December till April every year the weather is very cool.

Also you should determine the period, how long you need to make your cruise?

All the cruises on Lake Nasser has fixed schedule from Aswan to Abu Simble for 4 nights or from Abu Simble to Aswan in 3 nights, i always recommend the four nights itinerary this will make you have much time to explore all the temples and the attraction on Lake Nasser.

What is the best cruises on Lake Nasser?

There are many 5 stars deluxe cruises behind the High Dam you can spend your 4 or 3 nights on board

All of these cruises has many facilities and entertainments programmes you will enjoy it.

Name of the cruises on Lake Nasser.

1-The Steigenberger Omar El Khayam it is 5 stars deluxe cruise has lots of facilities on board for relaxation and amusement such as a large sundeck with pool,Health club, pool bar, Jacuzzi ,, fully equipped Spa and massage parlor.

2-prides itself on the quality of imaginative gastronomy and the expansive stylish restaurants offers fine dining in the true tradition. The main restaurant, the Robaeyat is located below the main deck, accommodating up to 140 people on tables of six or eight. The chef from the freshest ingredients prepares international cuisine and local specialties.

3-  MS Eugenie Lake cruise is a deluxe cruise with a classic feel. Modeled after the steam ships that carried passengers on the Nile at the turn of the century, the accommodations all provide a comfortable, homey atmosphere. Enjoy exploring the Nubian history of southern Egypt while enjoying this modern vessel with a historic atmosphere.

Cruise Experience on Lake Nasser

Booking Lake Nasser cruise

If you are looking for Local tour operator or tour company in Egypt to arrange and organize your Lake Nasser cruise or any cruises in Egypt contact Look at Egypt Tours team and one of our Egypt travel expert will help you to plan your perfect Lake Nasser cruise.Best price, flexibility and daily departure guaranteed.

I hope this article about top things to do and see on Lake Nasser cruise be informative and useful for you when you plan your trip to Egypt this written by Ahmed Abdalfattah

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