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EgyTop Tourist Attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh & Day Tripspt beeeach holidays in the red sea ,Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh Attractions & Must See

Top Tourist Attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh & Day Trips

Top Tourist Attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh & Day Trips

Sharm Elsheikh tour

Sharm el-Sheikh has developed to be the most popular holiday destinations in Egypt.
Sharm El Sheikh the Egyptian Riviera and the best beach destination in Egypt
For beach vacation and sunshine the city welcome more than 5 Million tourist a year
The city surrounded by a crystal-clear, deep-blue sea and a breath-taking desert landscape,
Come to Sharm El-sheikh to relax in one of the many well-developed tourist resorts in Egypt
or dive at the area’s unique coral reefs. But ’Sharm’ is far more than just a resort town. It is also an ideal spot to discover real Egyptian culture and to travel to the neighboring historic sites such as the renowned Mount Sinai.

Here i will share with you the Top Tourist Attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh & Day Trips


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Sharm El Sheikh Night life

What best things to do in Sharm Elsheikh by night?

Sharm has many top-notch bars that serve anything from exotic cocktails to imported European beer.
Sharm is famous for its lively and diverse nightlife. Enjoy a drink in the stylish Little Buddha bar, or
Visit Soho square it has many Egyptian restaurants and entertainments coffee shops you can spend a lovely time 

In Soho square and it is very easy to reach it by Taxi or shuttle bus from your hotel.
Also you can quench your thirst with a pre-party cocktail at the Bus Stop. Then move on to one of Sharm’s bigger venues such as the famous Pacha Nightclub. Whether you want to chill-out or rave until dawn, Sharm has it all.


Soho Square

Soho Square

Top Tourist Attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh & Day Trips

1- St. Catherine’s Monastery

The Sinai Peninsula’s  main historical destination, St. Catherine’s Monastery sits at the foot of Mt. Sinai, where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments. One of the oldest working monasteries in the world, this Greek Orthodox hermitage is home to the famous “burning bush” of the Old Testament as well as a glittering collection of religious icons and ancient manuscripts that is revered as one of the finest in the world. A day trip here is a must for any history-lover staying in Sharm el-Sheikh and can also include a hike up to the summit of Mt. Sinai.

We offer you some Religious Christian Tours in Egypt you can visit all religious places in Egypt.

Religious Christian Tours in Egypt

Religious Christian Tours in Egypt

2-Dahab the best diving place in Sharm Elsheikh

Dahab is the Sinai’s backpacker resort and a chilled-out alternative to the holiday package feel of Sharm el-Sheikh. Along the shore is a huge number of casual restaurants and cafés and shopping places.

There is some excellent diving and snorkeling spots in Dahag it cnsiderd the best place in Egypt for diving,

which is the reason most people come but Dahab’s laidback atmosphere is also great for a day  trip out from

Sharm el-Sheikh.


Red Sea holidays

Escape to the red sea vacation

3-Blue Hole Disving Site.

Sinai’s most notorious dive spot is the Blue Hole, and people come from all over the world just to dive here.

This sinkhole claims the lives of a few divers every year, mostly through people diving way beyond their limits and experience. Despite the site’s reputation for danger, divers who stick within sensible limits are perfectly safe here, and the fish life and incredible vistas of ethereal blue below make this an incredibly beautiful dive


Blue hole diving site in Sharm elshekih

Blue Hole

4- Ras Mohamed National Park

Thanks to Ras Mohamed national park that put Sharm el-Sheikh on the tourist map. Surrounded by some of the world’s most incredible dive sites, this peninsula is home to glorious beaches with excellent snorkeling just offshore, the world’s second most northerly mangrove forest, and a salt water lake. A trip here is a must-do for anyone staying in Sharm el-Sheikh. The best beaches are Old Quay Beach  and Aqaba Beach. Travelers seeking a good view should head to the Shark Observatory cliff top right on the southern edge of Ras Mohammed where views stretch across both sides of the Red Sea.

Ras Muhamed national park

Ras Muhamed national park

This is some points a bout Sharm Elsheikh and what you do and what to see during yoour vacation in Egypt

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