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Travel guide to Egypt Sightseeing, Attractions and Tours , Egyptian Legacy Adventure Tour

Travel guide to Egypt Sightseeing, Attractions and Tours

Travel guide to Egypt

best time to visit Egypt

Find an ultimate Travel guide to Egypt to learn about the best places to visit and top things to do in Egypt.

What is the best time to visit Egypt? How to plan your perfect trip to Egypt? Best vacation spots in Egypt.

Types of Egypt tours and adventures and how to make an affordable trip to Egypt?, How to apply for your Visa to Egypt? Shopping in Egypt, Tipping in Egypt and many other useful travel tips to Egypt to help you make the best of your visit to Egypt.

Family Holiday in Egypt

Egypt Family Holidays

How to stick to your Trip to Egypt

Things to help you to plan your trip to Egypt:

1. Do extensive research around your own interests before you visit Egypt.
2. Decide on your own priorities between cultural sightseeing, relaxing beaches holiday, adventures etc.
3. Have the major must do and see things in Egypt planned
4. Try to book your Egypt tours with Local travel agency this will be cheaper than any others.
5. Book organized and guided tours in Egypt I think this is the best way to have a perfect trip to Egypt this will make everything easy and previously planned with no hassles.

6. Book all-inclusive package i mean you should book your hotels, tours, transfer, domestic Airfares all in one place 

this will save a lot of money for you better than to book hotels online then search for sightseeing tours or guide

the best way to be stress free trip to Egypt.

7. Keep a balance between the prices, quality and quantity, avoid to take your decision only on the prices this will let you down in quality you can get affordable prices and best service if you book direct with local tour operator in Egypt.
8. Don’t book your international flight until you decide how long and when you want to visit Egypt.
9. Try to be with partner this will make cheaper solo traveler pay more.


Egypt Nile cruise

Cruising the Nile

What is the best time to visit Egypt?

The best time to visit to Egypt is from September to April where an average temperature of 20º degrees keeps things cool, dry and comfortable,during the summer months day time temperatures reach mid 30º degrees along the Nile Valley and Cairo so in the summer you should includes the Red Sea Hurghada or Sharm Elsheikh.

How to apply to your Visa to Egypt?

Egypt Visa requirement:

Please be advised that Egypt visa requirements are subject to change and that visa procurement is the responsibility of the traveler also Please also ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your planned trip date of departure from Egypt.

There are many countries and citizens can get their entry visa to Egypt upon arrival.

The countries and citizen who can get their entry visa to Egypt as following:


The cost of Egypt Visa is 25$ or 20Euro.

Other nationalities get their Visa to Egypt from the embassy that located in their countries

And you should fill the form to apply to your Egypt Visa, you can check the Egyptian embassy in your country

on this website of MFA Egypt  the Visa application Egyptian tourist visa application. 


Egypt tourist visa

Egypt tourist visa

Travel guide to Egypt Must-See and Do Things

Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and some of the world’s most iconic monuments, including the pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx and the ancient temples of Luxor and Aswan dating back thousands of years.

Here i will give you a brief about the best places and the highlights to visit in Egypt:

1- The great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx:

Of course you don’t go to Egypt without seeing the pyramids of Giza and Sphinx the wonders of ancient Egypt

and the Pyramids became symbols of Egypt and always it is one of Must-See things in Egypt.

2- Historical Cairo and Museums :

You should visit Cairo sights during your tour in Egypt the best of Cairo to visit are the Egyptian museum

that contains the treasures of King Tutankhamun and the Pharaohs treasures.

You should visit also old Cairo Mosques, Churches and Bazaars this will give you the real impression of Egypt.

3- Cruising the Nile River:

There is no better way to see the best of Egypt wonders than cruising the Nile from Luxor to Aswan or

From Aswan to Luxor cruise this will give you the chance to explore the ancient temples and Tombs in Luxor and Aswan and along the Nile as well, there are incredible sights that marvel the world.

In your Nile cruise tour you will visit Luxor, Aswan, Kombo, Edfu the ancient cities of the Nile.

best photo of The great Pyramid of Khufu

The great Pyramid of Khufu


4-Explore Abu Simble Temple:

One of the best places place to visit in Egypt is to go to Abu Simble temple the great temple of King Ramses II

this temple is famous for the solar alignment and its amazing and unique structure, it is really deserve to visit.

5- Discover Alexandria City:

From Cairo it is about 2 hours to go to Alexandria the city of Alexander the great, there are many places

to visit in Alexandria most famous are Catacomb tomb, National museum of the city, Pompay pillar.

Also you should eat at Seafood restaurant and walk in the downtown it is really interesting day trip

from Cairo to Alexandria.

6-The White Desert Safari:

If you have long time trip like 10 days you can make a day trip to the White desert to see the marvel of the desert you can make Sandboarding and off-road activities and eat with Bedouin it is from Cairo about 4 hours.

7- Beach destination in Egypt Hurghada and Sharm Elshiekh:

You Can enjoy the sunshine in Egypt by spending some days in Hurghada or Sharm Elsheikh.

Enjoy the Azure water, coral reefs and 5 stars resorts you can goo from Cairo or from Luxor to Hurgghada.

Egypt tours & Travel packages , Long Nile Cruise Experience from Cairo to Aswan

the nile cruise

Standard Tipping in Egypt

All people who travel to Egypt get confused about tipping their guide, drivers, housekeeping etc.

The tips or Bakshesh is apart of the daily life in Egypt all people who provide a service expect to get tips

As a matter of fact the guides and driver never ask but as a kind of gratitude they expect tipping.

the standard tipping per day for the driver about 5 $ and for the guide about 10$.

What to shop for in Egypt?

Egypt is has many exciting shopping during your trip top buys include Papyrus  paper and this you should get it from certified places in each tour the visit to the Papyrus factory is included.

Also you can buy the Egyptian pendants it is Called the Cartouch same like the ancient Pharaohs made their names

 You can get your name in Cartoush in Gold or Silver like king Tutankhamun o queen Cleopatra.

Cotton shirtsand mirrors, backgammon boards, Pharaonic objects fashioned in Alabaster, Egyptian cotton sheets, clothing  are very popular for tourists.

please note that in the certified places and shops you will visit it is very safe too use your visa.

If you want to visit the Souk Khan Elkhalili it is not recommended to use your Visa or buy gold or silver.

Egypt cartouch name as a gift

Cartouch name

Is Egypt a good destination for Family Holidays?

Absolutely! Egypt is a perfect destination for family holiday.The incredible pyramids, temples and tombs are bound to fascinate the young and old alike with their complex history and impressive workmanship and children will come away from a holiday to Egypt with their minds opened and imagination stimulated. Egypt also offers a number of exciting experiences from camel rides to felucca boat trips on the Nile so it’s unlikely they’ll ever be bored. Along the Red Sea there are plenty of family-friendly resorts with dedicated kids’ play areas, swimming pools and activities so parents can relax while the children are entertained and looked after.

You will enjoy your family vacation in Egypt with unforgettable experience in Egypt.

Egypt family vacation package , Egypt family adventures

Egypt family vacation package

Travel guide to Egypt Easy Planning for your Trip to Egypt

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Travel guide to Egypt Ask us for Anything you need.

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Travel guide to Egypt written by Ahmed Egypt travel expert.


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