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Types of Egypt vacation packages , Travel Safety in Egypt

Travel Safety in Egypt

Travel Safety in Egypt

is it safe to go to Egypt

Travel Safety in Egypt Take a safe trip to Egypt

is it safe to go to Egypt, Yes Egypt is very safe for your trip

Many travelers considering booking a tour to Egypt may have some concerns and questions about visiting


is it safe to visit egypt now

Egypt at the moment. We have made some notes below about Travel Safety in Egypt which will hopefully

be informative and helpful we will try to explain for you the real safety situation now in Egypt.

Is Egypt safe to go to Egypt especially after the political unrest that took place in 2011?

In spite of the size and the population density of the cities, Egypt is generally considered one of the safest destinations in the Middle East for travelers, Egypt having tourists visiting the country as early as the Roman time, the Egyptians are historically known for their kindness and warmth. Egyptians are friendly towards tourists because they know how important tourism is for the national economy of Egypt.
After the last presidential elections, especially with the support that the new Egyptian president SISI has showed towards tourism, with the conditions getting more stable in Egypt
Egypt now is as secure as it has always been for ages.

This is why many tourists state that they feel secure in Egypt even more than their homelands.

family travel in Egypt

Is it safe for solo woman to travel to Egypt?

Egypt is considered the most liberal Islamic country in the Middle East. The country has many touristic locations like hotels, resorts, bars, pubs, and casinos where tourists in general and women in particular may feel free to dress and behave the way they like there is no dress code in Egypt for women Like KSA or other countries in the Gulf also solo woman can travel in Egypt by her own or joining small group tour in Egypt we always support women to travel to Egypt anytime of the year.
If a lady faces in problem in anywhere in Egypt, many citizens would surly help her. Women are respected and protected everywhere around the country like a Queen of the Pharaohs.


travel to Egypt tours

travel to Egypt tours

The current Egyptian situation is as follows:

Tour visiting Cairo 

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and all major events happened in Cairo over the last few years the city became

as normal and there is no impact on the tours in cairo.


Best honeymoon holiday packages in Egypt

Private Egypt tour Packages


Tours including overnight trains between Cairo and Luxor or Aswan: At the present time

The Egyptian Authorities are not permitting operators like us to put foreign tourists onto the overnight ‘sitting trains’

That many of our tours used to feature. The ‘sleeper train’ is fine to use though, and we have changed all our tours

that used to use the ‘sitting train’ to use this sleeper train. We do offer upgrades to domestic flights in place of this

train journey if preferred we always do our best to make for you the best trip in Egypt.

Nile Cruises: During the quiet summer months some Nile cruise boats stop operating.


Egypt tours & Travel packages

Egypt tours & Travel packages

Cruise may not be available. during this period we will use alternate cruises keeping as close as possible to the same

Standard of cruise boat as booked, often providing free upgrades to all-suite boats such as the Sonesta cruise.

During other periods, cruise boat operators often combine travelers originally booked onto several different boats

onto one. This makes it hard to guarantee cruise boat names on our Egypt tours.

though the same standard of boat or higher is always maintained if there are changes.

Egypt Luxury Beach Holidays and Nile Cruise Trip

Egypt Luxury Beach Holidays & Nile Cruise Trip


Our Travel policies: Safety is our main responsibility

Our travelers’ safety is absolutely our top priority, and we will re-arrange itineraries, cancel sections of a tour

or cancel an entire booking if we feel that we cannot run your tour safely.

But this never happened since the revolution but the news still impact our Egypt tourism.

Affordable Luxury Egypt Vacations , egypt adventure holidays

Over the last five years we arranged FAM trips for many international operators from Japan and USA , Canada etc.

they gained a lot of experience in both analyzing the situation on the ground and reacting to developments 

and making adjustments to itineraries. we will continue to act on and build on this experience

To make the best of Egypt tours and safe travel to our guests.

As a company that specializes in travel to Egypt, we also have a responsibility to our Egyptian team of office

Staff,guides and representatives. The last few years have been a very tough time for the tourist industry in Egypt


Egypt travel holiday packages , Best getaway deals in Egypt

Egypt travel holiday packages

and we want to support it as much as possible. We therefore need to strike a balance between providing flexibility

to our clients, and also ensuring we try to send as many travelers to Egypt as possible. Our visitors to Egypt.

Since the 2011 revolution have almost unanimously returned with rave reviews about their experiences

and the reception they have received by the Egyptian people.

Travel Safety in Egypt now Egypt is very Safe and we invite you to visit Egypt with your family.

Please browse our Egypt trip packages and we can design your own Egypt tours to suit you desire.

Enjoy Safe trip in Egypt with Look at Egypt tours www.lookategypttours.com


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