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Day tours to Fayoum from Cairo

Day tours to Fayoum from Cairo

Things to do in Al-Fayoum

Day tours to Fayoum from Cairo & Top Things to Do in Fayoum

Bird watching tours in Fayoum on Lake Qaroun

Explore the ancient cities and Runs of Al-Fayoum

Explore Fayoum Pyramids Hawara & Lahun Pyrmids

Adventure Safari in Wadi Al-Rayan & Sandboarding in Fayoum

Discover the wildlife, waterfalls in Al-Fayoum

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Day tours to Fayoum from Cairo: discover the best things to do in Al-Fayoum and book your day trips and activities to the best attractions in Al-Fayoum Oasis explore the Pyramids of Lahun and Hawara and ancient city of Madi or enjoy adventure Safari in Wadi Al-Rayan, enjoy bird watching in Al-Fayoum
You can make the best of Al-Fayoum city if you start a day tour early till the sunset
You can visit the best places in Al-Fayoum in one day trip.

Choose your Day tours to Fayoum from Cairo

Pyramids of Al-Fayoum trips -120 $P.P 8 Hours

Our Guide will pick you from your hotel then you will be escorted to the Pyramids of Fayoum

Fayoum city has many pyramids dates back to the Middle kingdoom and it is different from the ones at Giza

Pyramids of Fayoum built later than the one at Giza and built by mudbricks not stone as Giza pyramids.


Hawara pyramids second pyramid of Amenemhat III middle kingdoom made of mudbricks and covered by white limstone.

After that move to El-lahun Pyramids at fayoum and the tombs around it si unique adventures at fayoum city

After this day back to your hotel in Cairo


Fayoum bird watching day trips - 95 $P.P- 8 Hours

Fayoum oasis is an amazing bird watching destination in Egypt you will enjoy  the wild life of Fayoum Oasis

Birds migrate to the oasis for the lush plants and the waters of Lake Quarun, the largest salt water lake in Egypt

and one of the oldest natural lakes in the world

There are variety of many birds in Fayoum that you can watch and discover all over the year, but usually

the best time we recommend and known as the season of these Birds in Fayoum is from October till the end of April.

after this Bird watchind day back to your hotel in Cairo.

Valley of Whales day trip- 95 $P.P-8 Hours

 Explore Fayoum Oasis and discover one of the hidden treasure of Fayoum and Egypt.

The Valley of Whales in Fayoum or ( wadi El=hitan) a world heritage area choosen by UNESCO.

Part of Valley of the Whales Protected Area is Wadi al-Hittan – a Unesco World Heritage site,

with more than 400 whale skeletons, about 40 million years old. These are the fossilized remains of the

Basilosaurus, some up to 18m long, and the smaller Dorodontus, both rather fierce water predators.

They show the clear evolution of land-based mammals into sea-going ones, as they have vestigial front and back legs.

Now Egyptian governemnt built a new museum called Valley of Whales  Museum.

After this day you will back to Cairo to your hotel.

Sand boarding adventures - 140$P.P- 10 Hours

Fayoum has many activities to do , beacuse it is desert and sand dunes Fayoum Oasis

Is considered one of the best places to make Sand boarding in Egypt , and desert adventures.

Also you can make many desert activities by 4×4 jeep , after that you will back to Cairo.

Pyramid of Meidum day tour- 95$P.P- 3Hours

if you are interested to know more and more about the pyramids of Egypt . So Giza pyramids or Sakkara it is not only the Pyramids of Egypt.

In Fayoum there are many pyramids most famous one is Meidum Pyramid (2637–2613 BC) Built by King Senfru the father of king Cheaops the builder of the great Pyramid .

This Pyramid is called (the lair Pyramid) because it is built over High Mountain so many people when see the pyramids from long distance seems very huge but it is only 75 M.

around the Pyramid ther is a lovely tomb of prince ( Ra –hotep) in this tomb a lovely statue was discovered.

it is really unique experience at Fayoum.


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