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16 Days Super Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan
Discover all the wonders of ancient Egypt from Cairo to Aswan on board of Luxury Nile cruise.


Super Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan

Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan

Cairo to Aswan Nile Cruise

Discover all Egypt through Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan.

600 Miles from Cairo to Aswan along the Nile following the footsteps of the Pharaohs.

In an unforgettable journey through the Nile to discover the wonders of ancient Egypt.

Super Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan is an extraordinary sailing trip in Egypt.
Between Cairo and Aswan for 16 days sailing on the great Nile to discover the hidden treasures of ancient Egypt from the pyramids of Giza to the Rock tombs of Bani Hassn in Minya to the valley of the Kings in Luxor to beautiful Aswan city with its attractions.

 Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan is an incredible Nile River Cruise experience in Egypt between Cairo and Luxor and Aswan on board of ultra- deluxe Nile Cruise combining tours along the Nile to Pyramids of Giza and Historical Cairo, Valley of the Kings in Luxor city and Philae island and temples in Aswan with much more historical sights to explore while cruising the amazing Nile from Cairo to Aswan or from Aswan to Cairo.


Crusie from Cairo to Aswan site map

Crusie from Cairo to Aswan site map



Confirmed 2017 sailing dates from Cairo to Aswan as following:

21 March 2017

16 April 2017

12 May 2017

15 September 2017


Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan High Lights


Explore the top historical places of Egypt.

Explore the ancient cities along the Nile.

Explore the pyramids of Giza & More.

Discover historical Cairo Mosques & Churches.

Explore El-Manya city top attractions.

Explore the Rock-tombs of Bani Hassan in Minya.

Explore the Hidden pyramids of Fayoum

Explore Abaydos temple in Sohag 

Explore Dandra temple of  Goddess Hathor. 

Discover the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

Discover the temples by the Riverside.

Discover the beauty of Aswan city & historical sights.

Explore the great temple of Abu Simble in private trip.


Mövenpick MS Darakum 

Key Features of The cruise:

The Mövenpick MS Darakum is one of the largest vessels cruising the River Nile between Cairo and Aswan. Its Moroccan inspired design makes it stand out and it offers an unforgettable journey while cruising through 7,000 years of history. A variety of recreational activities are available including a swimming pool, sun deck with a recreational area, themed parties and a gym.

• Cruise through ancient Egyptian history
• Spacious cabins
• Variety of shops
• Swiss quality service


16 Days Super Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan Itinerary.

Day 1: Arrive Egypt

Upon arrival our assistance will meet and assist you to finish all formalities then you will be transferred to your hotel, overnight at your hotel in Cairo.

Day 2: Explore the Pyramids of Giza & the Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo

Breakfast on board is followed by a full day tour in Cairo, in the morning you will be guided to see

the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx: The oldest and sole remnant of the Seven Wonders

of the World.

After that have lunch on board then move to the Egyptian Musem discover at the treaures of King Tutankhamen, including his golden mask and many other artifacats from ancient Egypt.

After that you will move to old Cairo to visit the top historical Churches in old Cairo.

You will be blessed during this visit since this place were blessed by the holy family in Egypt.

Finally, you’ll head back to your hotel, overnight.

Day 3: Full Day Sailing to Beni Seuf

In the Morning you will check-out from your hotel to embark on your Luxury Long Nile Cruise.

You will enjoy amazing a full day Sailing on the Nile from Cairo to Beni Seuf city the view is amazing.

You will enjoy all your meals , Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on board.

Day 4: Visit the top Sites of Fayoum (Dahshur & Maydom Pyramids)

After your breakfast on board your guide will take you to visit the Dahshur Pyramids.

Dahshur has 2 unique Pyramids built by King Senfru the father of King Khufu the Buider of the great Pyramid.

These two Pyramids called the Red Pyramid and the Bent pyramid it is about 100 Meter high and in very good conditions this tour to Dahshur Pyramids take about 2 hours by bus.

After your visit to Dahshur pyramid you will be guided to Maydom pyramid or the (Lair Pyramid).

This Pyramids we don’t know excatly who is the builder of this Pyramid, but most probably.

He is King Senefru the bulider of the red and the bent pyramids, local call this the Lair pyramids.

because it was built over very high mountain so people from long distance feel that it is very huge

but when you come closer you will find that more than half of it natural mountain.

After this active day visiting the hidden Pyramids of Egypt you will back to your Nile cruise.

Enjoy lovely lunch and dinner on baord, overnight on board.

Day 5: Sailing to El-Minya- City of Akhanton

Enjoy sailing trip towards El-Minya the city of Akhanton lunch and dinner will be on board.

Overnight on board.

Day 6: Visit Tuna El Gebel, Al-Ashmunien & Bani Hassan

After breakfast ion board you have a very active day with the history and unique places from ancient Egypt.

you will visit very unique and rarely visited places in Egypt will surprise you.

Start by Tuna El-Gebel and Al-Ashmunien’s tombs these historical places in El-Minya

Contain amazing tombs from the Greco-Roman times most famous sites in Tuna –Elgebel is BitoSires tomb the high official and his family it has a very beautiful inscriptions and scenes, statues, mummies.

This tomb is like an open air museum one of the best places to visit in El-Minya.

After that you will move to the rock tombs of Bani Hassan in El-Minya, these tombs dates back to the Middle Kingdom and all tombs cut into the mountain and still has its vivid colors and scenes of hunting and daily life

of the ancient Egyptians, you will visit the opening tombs of this day Because the tombs open by rotating system, The tombs, Tomb of Baqat , Khnumhotep tomb, Imnmehat tomb. After this active day in El-Minya you will back to your Nile cruise for Lunch and relaxing till dinner. By night you will enjoy some Egyptian show on board.

Day 7: Explore Tal-El-Amarna city of Akhanton

This day you will explore the city of Akhanton Tal-El-Amarna or (Akht Aton) the horizon of Aton the sol God who was chosen by the pharaoh Akhanton to be the god of his new religion and city after departing Thebes or Luxor the capital of ancient Egypt, the pharaoh Akhanton established this city and most probably he buried here because we have a tomb carrying his name also Tal-Al-Amarna contains many unique Ruins from the Aton era you will visit the great palace of Akhanton and some tombs for the high officials of Pharaoh Akhanton like penehsy and  MeryRa tomb.

After this day tour you will back for lunch on the cruise,then continue sailing to Assyut stop in-front of

the monastery of Queen St. Mary & Prince Tadros Coptic Orthodox Church

Lunch and dinner will be on board  over night at Assyut.

Day 8: Sail to Sohag

Breakfast on board then go to the deck of your luxury Nile cruise to enjoy the sailing from Assyut to Sohag.

about 8 hours sailing trip along the Nile on the banks of the Nile you will enjoy the Real Egyptian life villages,

farms, Mosques, churches the real daily life the Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan is the only Egyptian adventure that gives you the chance to explore the real Egypt. Enjoy your day on the cruise, your lunch and dinner will be on board.

Day 9 : Sailing to the Temple of Abydos

Sail to the one of the best preserved temples in Egypt the temple of King Seti Ι the father of the great Ramses II

this temple is considered one of the iconic temples in ancient Egypt because it has a unique wall inscription.

scenes, pillars and many legends and stories about the temple and the city

You will enjoy all of this during your visit to Abydos temple, over night at Qena.

Day 10 : Explore Dandarah Temple

In the morning you will have 2o minutes’ drive to another impressive temple of ancient Egypt. You will explore the great temple of Hathor this temple also is considered one of the best temple in Egypt you should visit, you will fall in love with this temple because of the unique art and colors of

this temple the only inscription of Queen Cleopatra and Zodics you will see it here.

After this visit back to the cruise, Sail to Luxor, over night at Luxor.

Day 11 : Luxor – Valley of the Kings and More.

So you will wake up in Luxor the capital of ancient Egypt, the city that contain the top historical places in Egypt, Luxor was the capital of the great empire of ancient Egypt during the golden era of the Pharaohs.

In this tour you will visit the best places in Luxor Valley of the Kings and Hatshpsut temple

And Memnon statues in the west bank, back to your Nile cruise for lunch and by night have dinner and enjoy Pharaohinc night on board.


Day 12 : Explore the temples of ancient Egypt in Luxor

After breakfast visit you will explore the great temples of Karank and Luxor the land marks of Luxor city.

After this visit you will enjoy lunch on baord and the cruise will continue Sailing towards Edfu temple.

dinner on board.

Day 13 : Nile cruise - Edfu and Kombo Temples.

Breakfast on board, then visit the gigantic huge temple of God Hours or Edfu temple.

This temple is the main site of Edfu city, your trip to Edfu wwill be like 2hours then back to your cruise.

Continue Sailing towards Komobo temple, arrive at the Sun Set, visit the temple when it

Lighted up it is amazing, visit also the crocodile Museum beside the temple.

Back to your Cruise Sail towards Aswa, over night in Aswan.

Day 14 : Aswan / Nile cruise

Breakfast on board then you will visit Aswan land markes which is the High dam and Philea island.

You can join optional trip to Abu Simble temple by private car.

Lunch and dinner will be on board with Nubian Show.

Day 15 : Nile cruise , Ends

This is the last day of your Long Nile Cruise Holiday from Cairo to Aswan .

Then fly back to Cairo then you will be transferred to the hotel at Cairo.

Day 16 : Final departure , Ends

Even good things come to end , you will check out from your hotel then you will be escorted to

the airport for final departure.



This Long Nile Cruise Includes.

  1. 12 Night full board in Nile cruise 5 stars deluxe full board
  2. 3Nights at 5 stars hotel bed and breakfast
  3. travel care all your trip.
  4. The entrance fees of all visits as mentioned in the program.
  5. Transportation in a private air-conditioned bus.
  6. English Speaking tour guide. in Cairo and on the cruise.
  7. All transfers as mentioned.
  8. Meet and assist at the airport upon arrival and departure.
  9. All Taxes and services are including.
  10. Domestic flight from Aswan- Cairo
  11. all items mentioned in the programs


This Long Nile cruise Excludes. 

  1. Any optional excursions not included.
  2. Entry visa, at airport upon arrival.
  3. Beverages and drinks.
  4. tips for guide and driver.

The Hotel in Cairo

Accor Mercure Sphinx Pyramid view

The Long Nile cruise or similar

Mövenpick MS Darakum


Please inquire for a custom quote. The price is customized based on final hotel choices

Travel dates, and other custom preferences.


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