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Tutankhamun’s secret & New hidden chamber

Tutankhamun’s secret & New hidden chamber

Egypt new discoveries


Tutankhamun’s secret & New hidden chamber


The boy king Tutankhamun’s tomb was the greatest discovery in the 20th century by Haward carter 1922.

Carter discovered more than 5000 master piece in the tomb now this collection in the Egyptian museum in Cairo

and some in the Museum of Luxor .

But the secrets of the tomb and the life of the king still buzzle many Egyptologist till now.

here we will talk about the new scan of the tomb of king Tutankhamun .

New scans give ‘further evidence’ that Egypt’s lost Queen Nefertiti the wife of king Akhanton the father of king Tutankhamun may lie concealed in King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The latest Radar scans reveal two chambers adjoining boy pharaoh’s tomb, raising prospect of finding the tomb of Queen Nefertiti her name means the beautiful one is coming and she was his mother in low.

The Bust Of Queen Nefertiti

The Bust Of Queen Nefertiti

Most of the scholars considered the discovery of the tomb in 1922 was the archeological discovery of that century. Now a find of similar importance could be soon unearthed – in a chamber directly behind that of the boy king

Radar scans of Tutankhamun’s tomb in Luxor have shown a 90% chance that there are two hidden chambers

to the rear of it, possibly containing metal and organic material, according to Egypt’s antiquities minister

Prof, Mamdouh Eldamaty.

mummy of king tutankhamun

The presence of new tombs untouched for thousands of years adjoining one of the most famous burial places in history would be reason enough for excitement. But there is speculation that inside one of the chambers could be

the remains of Queen Nefertiti, among the wives of Tutankhamun’s father and celebrated for a The scans were

conducted after a theory proposed in October by the British Egyptologist, Dr Nicholas Reeves, speculating that beyond Tutankhamun’s chamber could lie the tomb of Nefertiti

Prof, Eldamaty said the tomb of Nefertiti more than 90% in the hidden chamber of king Tutankhamun.

Analysis of the fuzzy, color radar scans, taken at the site in November by Japanese radar specialist showed anomalies in the walls of the tomb, indicating a possible hidden door and the chamber, which lay behind walls that were covered up and painted over with hieroglyphics.


The tomb of King Tutanakamun

The tomb of King Tutanakamun

Most of the Egyptoloigst said ”But even the discovery of new treasures would not be the end of the debate. “The whole thing presents a challenge to decide what to do,” explained archaeologist Michael Jones, of the American Research Centre in Egypt. “If they’re organic and metal remains, sometimes it’s best to just leave them in the ground. Archaeology is a process of controlled destruction. Unless there’s a real threat, the best thing might be to leave something where it is.”

This researchers will be completed by the end of 2016 we will keep you posted.

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