What is the Typical Egyptian Food?

What is the Typical Egyptian Food?

What is the Typical Egyptian Food?

What is the typical Egyptian Food?

Test of Egypt get to know about what is the typical Egyptian Food? enjoy the best of Egypt in your vacation.

Typical Egyptian Dishes and Meals and Desserts enjoy the best Egyptian food during your Egypt Vacation.

Egyptian cuisine and some of its recipes date back 5000 years and archaeologists have even revealed the use of food as a means of payment during ancient times , from the time of the Pyramids.

Egyptian cuisine depends heavily on legumes such as beans and lentils as well as vegetables and onions making

a regular appearance in most dishes. Vegetarians normally have no problem getting by in Egypt since meat has

traditionally been expensive and thus less common. Around the Egyptian coast you will find more fish in the meals

The Egyptian Bread (Aishe ) also forms part of most of the meals. Did you know that Aish is the Egyptian word for bread and also means life and career! Also, if you find there is no cutlery, it is common to use your bread to “spoon” the food.


Molokhia dish is considered the most popular dish in Egypt.

A soup made from finely chopped mallow leaves mixed with ground coriander and garlic. It is a staple part of Egyptian food though is normally only eaten at home.. Sometimes chicken, lamb or rabbit is added to this greenish soup.


Falafel – (also called Ta’amiya) is a well-known dish in the Middle East thought to have originated in Egypt. It consists of balls of fava beans (broad beans) or chickpeas that have been deep fried in oil

Normally Egyptian eat it as a breakfast.


Egyptian Desserts

Egyptian love desserts and they make it at home or buy it from pastry shops in our holidays and festival in Egypt must have a special dessert from the time of Pharaohs and Greco-Roman and Islamic era

Also thanks for the location of Egypt that make it as a cross road for trades and commerce this make Egypt as cosmopolitan country  and this of course brought to Egypt many new dishes and desserts.

The most popular desserts of Egypt are:

Roz Be Laban – Rice pudding with a hint of vanilla

Umm Ali – Layers of bread soaked in milk with raisins and sometimes topped with nuts. It is served hot and cold.

We are in Look at Egypt tours always keen on including the typical Egyptian dishes in our tour
Also we make a food tour in Egypt and walking street food in Cairo Egypt after visiting the most famous attractions of Egypt the great Pyramid and the Egyptian museum.

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