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Things to do in the Western Desert in Egypt

Things to do in the Western Desert in Egypt

Things to do in the Western Desert in Egypt explore the western desert of Egypt the biggest desert in the world travel through miles and miles of golden sand dunes and amazing rock formations take an adventure safari into the western desert and rest at precious Oases in Egypt, Do not miss a chance to unravel a layer of the mystery and tour the western desert this an ultimate guide to the western desert of Egypt Oasis, archaeological sites in the western desert, What you should do and see in the Egyptian desert?

Geology of the Western Desert

In Arabic the word Sahara means desert, but although the Western Desert of Egypt, one of the many deserts that straddle the earth along the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, is a Sahara, it is not the Sahara It is the Libyan Desert (the name Western Desert did not come into use until World War II), separated from the African Sahara by a range of habitable highlands. These highlands form a chain starting northwest of Fasher and Kissu in Sudan and include Ennedi, Erdi, and Tibesti in Chad and the Fezzan in Libya. The Western Desert is one of the most arid regions on Earth and carries some of the highest recorded temperatures. From near Kordofan in the Tibesti Mountains, it covers 1,600 kilometers to the Mediterranean coast, beginning at the Nile Valley it proceeds west for 1,760 kilometers going out of Egypt into Libya.

Incorporating 2.8 million square kilometers including two-thirds of the area of Egypt, it is the largest desert in the world. How did it all happen? How did the mountains and valleys of the Western Desert come into being? Within the cliffs of the barren and exposed mountains can be found a chronology of events that changed the surface of the earth. For age after age the environment that is now the Western Desert was uplifted, sank; went underwater, was hot, cold, moist, or dry. As it evolved debris piled up, level after level That can now be identified as coming from a particular age. These strata, exposed in the cliff sides of the mountains and escarpments, were laid into place over billions of years, locking into the rock the secrets of life, telling the story of millennia. Life on earth began about two and a half billion years ago, a time too distant to fully comprehend. About six hundred million years ago life forms began to leave traces behind in the form of fossils. Like the rocks in which they are found, fossils form a record through which scientists are able to piece together the evolution of the earth. The Western Desert is rich in such history and archaeological sites it deserves an adventure to explore what the western desert offer.

Places to visit in the Western Desert

1-Siwa Oasis

Siwa is one of the most charming Oasis in Egypt, climb through the ruins of the old city for magnificent views of the whole oasis dynasty tombs with murals and inscriptions at the mountain of the dead and Near that is a ruined temple of Amun and the famous Cleopatra Bath, a deep pool of bubbling water where you can bathe. Another favorite bathing spot is Fatnis Island, on the salt lake of Siwa pool surrounded by palm trees and beautiful you can enjoy an amazing desert adventure in Siwa by Jeep and camp in the desert.

2- El-Kharga Oasis

El-Kharga Oasis was called the Oasis of Thebes by the Ancient Egyptians there are some monumental sites here, the most important being the Temple of Hebis. It is located 3Km north of the Oasis, and was dedicated to the worship of the Triad of Thebes, Amon, Mut and Khonso, dating back to the 26th Dynasty the temple of the oracle also you can visit the Kharga museum and El-Bagwat or the Dom it is a Christian monument in the western desert dates back to the early Christianity of Egypt it has some unique churches made of mud bricks.

3- Farafra Oasis

Farafra was known as Ta-iht or the Land of the Cow in ancient times, it is a single village. The most isolated of the New Valley Oases it is renowned for its strong traditions and poverty the oldest part of the village, on a hillside, is next to quiet walled palm woods; a short ride away there are hot springs and swimming at El-Mufid Lake. Mostly settled by Bedouins, the small mud-brick houses all have wooden doorways with medieval hook locks. As in another oasis, many of Farafra’s houses are painted blue (to ward off the Evil Eye) but here some are also decorated with landscapes, birds and animals, and all the paintings and the stuff from objects found in the surrounding desert, in Farafra just a few remains have been found, there is little to see but the desert offers more than one amazing view.

4- Bahariya oasis and White Desert

Bahariya oasis and White desert are famous by its spring wells. There are many discoveries in the area, like the valley of golden mummies, biggest of this kind. Some of the mummies are located now in the Golden Mummies Museum. The mummies are covered with a thin layer of gold and wearing gypsum masks the Bahariya oasis is surrounded by black hills and is famous by black desert and white desert, where you can see wind curved sculpture which resembled both human and animals shapes. It is the most attractive point. Let us guide you to new heights and widen your perspective to the most interesting geologic wonders of the Egyptian Western Desert it is the best place with Siwa to camp in the Egyptian desert and make adventure Safari in the western desert.


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