How to get off the Beaten Track in Egypt?

How to get off the Beaten Track in Egypt?

How to get off the Beaten Track in Egypt?

Egypt Hidden Treasures

Egypt is the home of the oldest civilization on earth and incredibly rich with history, heritage and culture that it’s nearly impossible to see it all on just one visit to Egypt. Traditionally visitors to Egypt fly into Cairo and experience its top places, including of course the Egyptian Museum and the great Pyramids of Giza, Khan el-Khalili Bazaars, also most travelers take a Nile River cruise from Luxor to Aswan to visit the most popular places in Luxor and Aswan and the cities between then back home.
While that may be the classic list of things to do and see in Egypt, there are plenty of others as well.
For example, the Pyramids of Dahshure it is really incredible and the Lair pyramid of Midoum
And many places in historical Cairo not frequently visited by people but it has it historical importance and charming beauty her please find our suggestions for an off-the-beaten-path trip to Egypt.

The Temple of Kalabsha and Beit Elwali on Lake Nasser

Get off the beaten track in Egypt – Cairo

To off the beaten path of Cairo you should add to your tour in Cairo a visit to Dahshure Pyramids.
This area located about 25 Km away from the great Pyramids of Giza and it is really worth to visit
You will enjoy incredible two Pyramids of King Senfru father of King Khufu the builder of the great Pyramid of Giza and you can ask this place to be added to your day trip to the Pyramids.
In Sakkara Necropolises you should visit the Pyramid of King Ti the Pyramid that contains a beautiful texts

called the Pyramid texts this pyramid is very close to the step Pyramid of Zoser.
Also you should visit one of the tombs in Sakkara the opened one like the tomb of Kagimini or Titi tomb
These tombs were for the Nobles of ancient Egypt and it is distinguished by it is daily life’s scenes and lovely colors it is really like it was made last month not from 5000 years ago.


Get off the beaten track in Egypt – Al-Minya city

Al-Minya city in the Middle of Egypt it is about 264 Km away from Cairo, Visiting Al Minya is not a popular stop on most of Egypt tours. The sites are visited much less frequently and lack of hotels and some touristic facilities but Al-Minya city is very rich city of history and monuments from different periods of the ancient Egyptian history from the Middle Kingdom till the Greco-Roman time.

Here is the most famous monuments and ancient sites in Al- Minya.

1- Tal Al-Amarna the capital of King Akhenaton, the site of Tal Al-Amarna contains two groups of tombs and the royal places from the era of king Akhenaten the father of king Tutankhamun.
The first group of tombs in Al-Amarna is located to the north of the town and the other is located to the south of the city. These tombs are famous for their wall inscriptions and drawings that represented the daily life at the time of Ikhnaton and the religious revolution that changed the history of ancient Egypt there are many tombs worth to visit during your trip to Al-Minya.

The tomb of Ahmos the servant of the God. Ahmos was one of the loyal servants of Ikhanton who held the fans for the king and there is statue representing him in his tomb and the tomb has many beautiful scenes from the ancient daily life.
The Tomb of Ay and his wife
This is the best and most beautiful tomb in Tell Al Amarna and it includes drawings of the royal life and the common daily life of the city as well. There is also a remarkable drawing of the king Akhenaton and his wife Nefertiti presenting gold bracelets to Ay and his wife.


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ancient Egypt

The tomb of Bani Hassan the rock tombs.
This area contains around 300 tombs that belongs to the middle kingdom of the Pharonic era. 
These tombs were made out of limestone and it is cut into the mountain same style of the Valley of the Kings these tombs have a very unique and beautiful drawing for the sports and dancing and daily life scenes which make these tombs as a record for the ancient Egyptian daily life.
The Tomb of Baqete
Baqete was the son of the Mayor of the city in the Middle kingdom and its walls are decorated with strange drawings of wrestlers and dears, also this tomb is famous for the hunting drawings.

Tuna el-Gebel or Annapolis built in 31 A.D Tuna Al Jebel contains burial homes with wall paintings that are very unique because it was created as a mixture between the Roman and ancient Egyptian art. The area has many worth visiting tombs the most famous is the incredible tomb of Petozeris, the tomb of Azadora, and the tomb of the God Tehot the ibis this tomb really deserve to travel to.

Get off the beaten track in Egypt – Luxor
All travelers who visit Egypt for even a week they must visit Luxor city the capital of ancient Egypt.
Luxor has the largest number of the ancient Egyptian wonders like Valley of the kings and Queens.
And Hatshpsut Temple in the west bank of Luxor and the great temple of Karnak and Luxor in the west bank but to get off the beaten path in Luxor you can visit in the Valley of the Kings other valley called Valley of the Monkeys and King Ay tomb in the edge of the Valley of the Kings.
In the west bank of Luxor also you can visit the Habu city of Ramses III this temple is unique temples it has very unique design and colors and the deepest reliefs ever found in Egyptian temple.
Also when you are in Luxor you Can take a day trip to Dandarah and Abydos temples.

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