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Luxor is considered the World’s Largest Outdoor Museum that offers countless activities and historical tours for history buffs and cultural holidays seeker, Luxor stands head and shoulders above Egypt’s other cities in Egypt for the sheer wealth of historic & archeological tourist attractions and things to do for travelers.

The glut of Ancient Egypt’s giant-sized temples and tombs lined with vibrant wall paintings you can visit here makes the city the biggest open-air museum in the World, while if there are only so many monuments you can cope with, there are many other activities you can do in while you are in Luxor such as hot-air ballooning and felucca rides to temper temple overload.

This was the site of ancient Thebes, the great city of the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom pharaohs, who covered the banks of the Nile with their mammoth building works and began the vast tomb structures snugly hidden amid the rocky valley of the West Bank.

The scope of their ambition is best appreciated today in the magnificent Karnak Temple complex, but there are so many monuments here that you could easily spend a week simply soaking up Ancient Egypt’s ambition and grandeur.

With so much to see and do in Luxor, plan your trip with our list of Luxor guided tours & Luxor day trip ideas from the city. Besides day tour to the impressive ancient sites near Luxor are available to take a day tour to Aswan or visit the temples of Edfu & Kom Ombo or Hathor temple of Dendera & Abydos from Luxor. Book your Luxor day trips & sightseeing here and don’t miss an unforgettable tour in Luxor. We guarantee daily departure and the best prices on all our Luxor day trips. Book Now & Save!