My Family Adventure in Egypt

My Family Adventure in Egypt

My Family Adventure in Egypt

Travelling with Look at Egypt Tours

My Family Adventure in Egypt with Look at Egypt Tours Great One-Stop Planning to Egypt.We Booked Our Family Holiday to Egypt in Very East Steps and Secure Payment.Travelling with Look at Egypt Tours the Family Travel Professional in Egypt.

We did a package tour with LookatEgypt; we flew into Cairo and had three days in Cairo, then flew to Luxor for the Nile cruise. I’ll review the cruise separately (spoiler alert – gets 5 stars, was amazing).

Our flight landed in Cairo at 0130 with a seven and three-year-old. We were met at the gate by Ahmed who whisked us over to take care of the Visas while we kept the kids entertained and occupied. We were taken to our hotel and hand-delivered by him, he probably didn’t get out of there till close till 0300 in the morning.

The Cairo tour was great, everything you’d expect to see; Memphis, the Egyptian museum, the great pyramids and sphinx. A couple of things we asked to have added on, like the light show on the pyramids that he immediately arranged for.

The pace of the trip was on the speedy side (not a lot of lingering in places) which may not be everyone’s taste. But traveling with two kids it was perfect, by the time everyone (us included) were starting to be ready to move on it was time to move on.
We felt quite safe the whole time, and additional requests or small changes in the tour schedule were accommodated gladly.

The one poor mark is that our initial room in the Cairo hotel as _NOT_ as advertised, no pyramid view, and the room was pretty run down and clearly hadn’t been cleaned. The hotel was ‘5 star’ which it may have been on a 10 star scale.

However the reason they get the highest rating from us is that they immediately jumped with we mentioned this wasn’t what we had anticipated and arranged for us to upgrade to a much nicer room.

Everything else was delivered exactly as promised, the planning and organization were impeccable. On our flight out of Cairo to Luxor, a huge sandstorm had shut down the Luxor airport, and it was unclear if flights would go from Cairo that day. Our guide stayed with us for three hours in the airport, checking on flights, and keeping us updated. This meant we could just sit there and read (and the kids watch a movie) and not have to do anything while the guide ran around the airport.

It seems like our experience mirrors the experience of others with LookatEgypt, and so it’s not an anomaly. Recommend without hesitation – again we had a young seven-year-old and a three and a half year old and they had a blast. Great for young kids.

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