Luxor City, Luxor, Egypt

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 9 Hours
Maximum number of people: 15
Location: Luxor


Dendara & Abydos Private Full Day Tour

Visit the Temples of Dandarah
& Abydos

Dendera & Abydos Private Full-Day Tour Get Off the Beaten Path to the Temple of Goddess Hathor & the Temple of Seti I.

While you are in Luxor visit unmissable attractions & take an over day tour to visit the temple of Abydos where ancient Egyptian believed that (Lord of the underworld God Osiris). Then continue to Dandara to visit the Temple of Hathor, goddess of love and joy then back to Luxor on the same day.

The monuments of ancient Egypt are unmissable, but the best-known can be teeming with visitors. This day tour takes you ‘off the beaten track’ to rarely visited sites. Still spectacular, these sites are of the utmost archaeological importance. Geographically, culturally, and historically comprehensive on top of them are the Temples of Dandarah & Abydos the two unique temples date back thousands of years ago and are still in perfect condition. Visit the Temples of Dandarah & Abydos with daily departure and the best price guarantee. Book Now!

This Trip Includes: 

  • Round-trip hotel transfers
  • Admission fee to the temples
  • Transportation by air-conditioned van
  • Qualified Egyptologist any Language you want
  • All service charges and taxes

This Trip Excludes: 

  • Tipping for guide & driver
  • Any Extra not mentioned

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  •  The price for Solo Traveler – 360$
  • The Price Per Person from 2 people- 180 $ 
  • The Price Per Person from 4 people – 165$
  • The Price Per Person from 6 to 8 People – 134 $
  • The Price Per Person from 9 to 15 People- 125$


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After your breakfast is ready for a unique adventure to visit the temples of Abydos and Dendera of Hathor with your Egyptologist by your private vehicle, start with Abydos is one of Egypt’s most important archaeological sites, once the epicenter of the cult worship of Osiris, Seti I raised the glorious temple here dedicated to the Egyptian god. Abydos became Ancient Egypt's most important burial center, and the temple, the unique and beautiful central point of the necropolis. Abydos is much less visited than other Nile temples, but for travelers interested in the Pharaonic era's artistry, the vibrantly colored wall and ceiling paintings, as well as the sculpted column work of the Temple of Seti I, are a highlight of your Egypt journey, the temple built of limestone and laid out on three levels, Abydos' Temple of Seti I is unusual in many respects from other Egyptian temples. There are no fewer than seven sanctuaries in the inner temple here honoring Osiris, Isis, Horus, Ptah, Re-Harakhte, Amun, and the deified Pharaoh Seti I.Enjoy taking Photos then lunch at a local restaurant then move to Dendera temple of Goddess Hathor (goddess of Music, love, fertility, and healing), and is thought of as one of the best-preserved in Egypt, making it well worth. The complex consists of three separate temples: the main temple in honor of Hathor, the temple of Isis behind it, and a birthing temple toward the front. With its chambers, crypts, shrines, and delicately adorned ceilings, this colorful Greco-Roman masterpiece remains unscathed, featuring stunning Ptolemaic Egyptian art. Do not miss the sacred pool (lake) and the vast and the only relief of Cleopatra VII and her son Caesarion depicted on the back wall after this day back to Luxor.

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