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Egypt Christian Journey – The Steps of Jesus

Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Egypt Christian journey – The Steps of Jesus the best religious Christian tour in Egypt is a faith-based vacation that showcases the Biblical sights of Egypt this is the best tour for Christians to learn about the Holy Family Journey in Egypt by visiting the holy places that blessed by the Holy family with an expert guide. Book now & get the best deal. Book Now and Save.

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    Alexandria, Cairo, Sinai, Wadi El Natrun


Egypt Christian Journey

Christian Tour in Egypt

Christian Tour in Egypt in the Footsteps of the Holy Family Journey to Egypt.
Blessed is Egypt my people {Isaiah 19 :25}
Out of Egypt, I called my son {Matthew 2:15}
In the Footsteps of the Holy Family is an upscale, Christian Pilgrim Tours of Egypt, The Holy Family lasted for more than three years and a half. Jesus Christ and his mother came to the land of Egypt in fulfillment of a Divine Command waiting to honor his message, He blessed the land and drank from the water of the Nile.
Every year the Coptic Church celebrates the anniversary of this journey and Christ’s arrival to Egypt.
For most people visiting the sites on the holy family, a tour is an experience unlike any other you will see parts of Egypt that most tourists never get near to and experience an intimacy with The Egyptian people that is at times both humbling and breathtaking. So, we invite you to an unforgettable journey in your life a journey that enriches the soul.


  • Discover the Pyramids of Giza & Sphinx
  • Visit the Egyptian Museum
  • Discover Cairo’s Churches
  • Wadi El Natrun Monasteries
  • Saint Catherine’s Monastery.
  • Mount Sinai
  • Available for Solo travelers
  • All Transportation in private Vehicle
  • Flexible to start any time according to your travel dates.


  • 5-Nights in Cairo in 5 stars hotel B&B
  • 1 -Night at Alexandria B &B
  • 2- Night at St, Catherine Full Board
  • All Taxes and services are including
  • The entrance fees
  • Transportation in a private air-conditioned vehicle
  •  English Speaking tour guide, or any language you want
  • All transfers as mentioned.
  • Meet & assist at the airport upon arrival & departure.
  • Lunches during the tour at a local restaurant.


  • International Flights
  • Tipping
  • Any Extras not mentioned.

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Biblical Tour, Culture & Heritage, Historic Sightseeing,Religious Sites



$ 1575- Per Person in Double Room
$ 2995- One Person Traveling Alone




On arrival at Cairo International Airport, you will be met by one of our representatives who hold a sign by your name he will help you to finish all your formalities and help you to get your visa after that he will escort you to your hotel by private vehicle. Delve into the antiquities of Egypt on this epic journey which begins in Cairo. Overnight in Cairo.
Today start your epic day by visiting the Giza Plateau, site of the Great Pyramids of Giza Cheops Mycerinus and Chephren Built in the Fourth Dynasty (approximately 2690 BC), it is the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Revel in the opportunity to enter the interior of one of these legendary structures, and marvel at the massive stones used to construct them (Extra ticket) then view the Great Sphinx backdropped by the pyramids, a setting that has captured the imaginations of adventurers for centuries, after that have your lunch before heading to the Egyptian Museum the most interesting Egyptian Museum, which features artefacts from the Pharaonic period. The museum displays a rare collection of 5000 years of art which is considered the largest most precious collection of Egyptian art in the world. Over 120,000 overwhelming artifacts are presented, gold and jewelry which was enclosed in his tomb for over 3,500 years before it was discovered in the 1920s when his tomb was excavated, after that back to your hotel in Cairo.
Breakfast at the hotel be ready to visit the Place of the holy family in Cairo, the Coptic Cairo or as Egyptian call it (Old Cairo) contained within the boundaries of the Roman fortress of Babylon is where the Copts built their churches for protection. For three hundred years, from the conversion of Emperor Constantine until the arrival of Islam, Egypt was a Christian nation, and the Coptic church is one of the oldest communions as well as the church that really pioneered austere monasticism in the remote desert. There are still tens of thousands of Copts in Egypt, many of whom live in Old Cairo. Their most famous church is that of El Muallaqa, the Hanging Church, built over one of the gateways into the old fortress, its nave suspended above the passageway. Also in Old Cairo the saints Sergius church has The Crypt where the Holy Family took shelter during their flee to Egypt, also there is the synagogue of Ben Ezra. (Under restoration) Once home to many Jewish families, few now remain scattered throughout Cairo. There has been a religious building on this site (initially a church, then a synagogue) since at least the 4th century, and the present synagogue houses a Torah on gazelle skin that dates to the 5th century BC. This whole area is a world-famous destination for Pilgrims after that have your lunch then Off the beaten path and head to the Virgin Mary tree in Matarya district,For decades, the site has attracted thousands of pilgrims because it is said to have offered shelter for the Holy Family during their stay in Egypt at the beginning of the Christian era.
According to the fifth-century Coptic Pope Theophilus, Joseph possessed a wooden walking stick that the infant Jesus broke into pieces. Joseph then buried the pieces in Matareya, and when he placed his hand on the ground a spring burst out beside a sycamore tree that provided shade and respite for the Holy Family.
The pieces of the buried stick then flourished and emanated a pleasing scent. Jesus drank from the spring and numerous balsam trees grew on the spot.
The famous Arab historian Al-Maqrizi later described the Holy Family’s journey in the mid-15th century and mentions that they had settled in Matareya by a stream. He recounts how when the Virgin Mary washed Jesus’s clothes in the stream, the water flooded the nearby land where balsam trees began to grow.
Al-Maqrizi adds that the balsam oil from the trees was prized for use in baptism.
It is said that as the Virgin Mary, Joseph, and the child Jesus tried to escape from two brigands who were pursuing them, the trunk of the sycamore tree also miraculously opened its bark, allowing them to hide inside, escaping detection. The tree is said to have medicinal properties, which is why its branches have been depleted by pilgrims. Nearby, the spring where the Virgin Mary is said to have bathed Jesus is also part of the miracles of the place because of its healing water. After that back to your hotel in Cairo.

A new day and your breakfast at the hotel then with your guide you will visit Wadi El Natrun monasteries. Located 100 km from Cairo, Wadi El-Natrun (Valley of Natrun Salt) is an area that is widely known as one of the cradles of ancient Coptic monasteries in Egypt. These monasteries include relics of several saints, ancient churches, as well as murals, paintings, and stories dating back years ago. Due to several attacks on the monks and the monasteries in Wadi El-Natrun, out of 700 monasteries, only four have survived to date.
The Monastery of Saint Bishoy is one of the most popular monasteries in Egypt. Founded by its namesake, this monastery contains the relics of many saints, including Saint Bishoy himself. At the time, Berber tribes from the west repeatedly attacked monasteries, especially in that area. This is why a draw bridge was built for them to use as security whenever they were attacked.
Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Monastery (The Syrian Monastery ‘El-Sourian’)
Located nearly 500 meters northwest of the Monastery of Saint Bishoy, this monastery was founded by a group of monks from Saint Bishoy in the sixth century. It was initially called the Monastery of Saint Mary Deipara, and later the Syrian Monastery because there was a time when the Syrian monks settled there with the Coptic monks, forming a mixed community. The monastery includes a mysterious cave that has a rope tied to its roof, which St. Bishoy used to tie his beard so he would not fall asleep while praying.
Saint Mary (Al-Baramos) Monastery, as it was founded by Saint Macarius the Great in 335 AD, several sources say that this may be the very first monastery in Wadi El-Natrun, where Saint Macarius lived and devoted himself to monastic life. Walls were built around the monastery, to protect it from possible attacks by the Berbers and Bedouins.
Monastery of Abu Makar, spreading across an area of more than 11 square kilometers, this monastery was also built by Saint Makarius, who was known as the father of the monks in Wadi El-Natrun. This monastery is famous for its discovery of the relics of Saint John the Baptist and prophet Elisha, which took place during the restoration of the big Church of Saint Macarius.
Please note that some of the monasteries may be close for renovations, after your visit head to Alexandria city upon arrival have your lunch then check in your hotel, overnight at Alexandria

Alexandria city is considered the birthplace of Christianity in Egypt It was introduced by St, Mark during the Roman Era. The people of Alexandria converted to Christianity rapidly, after fighting with the Roman, until Christianity became the main religion of Egypt. You will visit the main Sights in Alexandria The Catacomb Tomb the biggest underground tomb in Egypt then visit Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral is a Coptic church in Alexandria, Egypt. It is the historical seat of the Pope of Alexandria, the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church you will visit the Cathedral from outside, then have lunch at a traditional restaurant then enjoy a visit (outside)to the Fortress of Qitbay the original place of the famous lighthouse Pharos that was one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World after that back to Cairo. Overnight in Cairo.
Your day starts with breakfast then drive to the Sinai Peninsula to Mount of Sinai and St, Catherine’s Monastery (6 hours driving with some stops) on the way stop at Moses Springs, Egypt or in Arabic Oyun Musa is located about 16 miles south of the Tunnel, which connects the mainland of Egypt with Sinai, it is believed that this is the Springs of Moses, Moses is said to have, upon the advice of God, throw a special tree into the brackish water which made it drinkable. Today the spring is still brackish and there is no tree in sight, but seven of the original 12 springs still exist after that, Saint Catherine's Monastery upon arrival has dinner and stays overnight at The holy Valley hotel, some rest and be ready to climb Mount Sinai ( your choice to stay at the hotel) at about 3:00 AM. Overnight at the holy valley. dinner included.
in the early morning start climbing Mount Sinai, Mount Sinai traditionally known as Jabal Musa is a mountain on the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. It may possibly be the same as the biblical Mount Sinai, the place where, according to the Bible, Moses received the Ten Commandments, after that back to your hotel have your breakfast then some rest enjoy your visit to Saint Catherine's Monastery, The Greek Orthodox monastery of the God-trodden Mount Sinai is located at the very place where God appeared to Moses in the Burning Bush, beneath the Mount of the Decalogue (The Ten Commandments) In the providence of God, it is at this site also that the holy relics of Saint Catherine are enshrined. This is the oldest continuously-inhabited Christian monastery, with a history that can be traced back over seventeen centuries. The monastery predates the divisions of the Christian world, its origins extending to late antiquity.
The monastery has never been destroyed in all its history, and thus it can be said to have preserved intact the distinctive qualities of its Greek and Roman heritage. Members of other Christian confessions have honored the monastery, coming as pilgrims to this holy place. But from its beginnings, the Christian inhabitants of Sinai belonged to the Greek-speaking world, and it has remained so to this day. The earliest description refers to the Monastery of the Holy Virgin, for the revelation of God at the Burning Bush was seen as a type of the Virgin Mary and the Incarnation. The monastery is also especially dedicated to the holy prophets Moses and Elias, who both came to this mountain, and who both spoke with Christ at the Transfiguration. More recently, it has been known as Saint Catherine’s Monastery. This remains its name today, though the monastery has not lost its earlier dedications, after this spiritual visit back to your hotel. Overnight.
After your breakfast at the hotel check out then head back to Cairo by a vehicle about 6 hours driving upon arrival to Cairo check in your hotel in Cairo.
Optional to extend your tour to Sharm El Sheikh and back by flight all upon request.
Breakfast at your hotel, According to your flight details, our staff will escort you to the airport to fly home at any time of the day end of our service


$2.100,00 $1.575,00 09 Days / 08 Nights

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