Luxor City, Luxor, Egypt

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 4 Hours
Maximum number of people: 15
Location: Egypt, Luxor


Half Day Luxor East Bank Tour

Visit temples of Karank & Luxor

Half-Day Luxor East Bank Tour Visit the Temples of Karnak & Luxor in 5 hours with a private guide.

Luxor is considered the biggest Outdoor Museum in the World with its treasures temples, tombs, and museums. In this Half day tour in Luxor, you will visit the temple of Karnak and Luxor the largest archaeological sites in Egypt after the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Karnak is an ancient Egyptian temple precinct located on the east bank of the Nile River in Luxor It covers more than 100 hectares, an area larger than some ancient cities.

The central sector of the site, which takes up the largest amount of space, is dedicated to God Amun-Ra, associated with Thebes. The area immediately around his main sanctuary was known in antiquity as “Ipet-Sun” which means “the most select of places, the construction of the Karnak Temple lasted about 2000 years to be built from the old kingdom till Roman-occupied Egypt, the temple has the biggest Hypostyle hall in the world.

The Luxor temple is one of the best-preserved of all of the ancient monuments with large amounts of the structure, statuary, and relief carvings still intact.

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This Trip Includes:

  • Private Egyptologist guide.
  • Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites.
  • All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Pick up services from your hotel & return.
  • Bottled water during your trip.

This Trip Excludes:

  • Tipping for guide & driver
  • Any Extra not mentioned

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Your private guide from Look at Egypt Tours will pick you up from your hotel or Nile cruise in Luxor to start your tour in the East bank of Luxor by visiting the complex of Karnak the biggest temple in Egypt was Known as Ipet-It (Most Perfect of Places) to the Ancient Egyptians, Karnak was dedicated to the city’s most powerful triad of God Amun, his consort Mut and their son Khonsu, the moon-God. Covering some 40 hectares (100 acres), Karnak is a vast site. For more than 1,500 years it was the most important religious and intellectual center in Ancient Egypt specially during the golden age of the empire.
Begun during the Old Kingdom, it became the national shrine from the 11th Dynasty, c.2134BC. The temple complex was expanded during the following centuries, with each pharaoh adding his own shrines and monuments to make his mark. Karnak was abandoned around the 4th century AD when the Egyptians turned to­ Christianity.
The Karnak Temple was connected to Luxor temple by a 3km long processional Avenue of Sphinxes a part of which is still visible, the rest of which is currently undergoing excavation. Eventually, it will be renovated in its entirety all the way to Luxor temple.
After your tour in the Karnak temple head to the Temple of Luxor was dedicated to the mighty Theban triad of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu. The core of the temple was built by Amenhotep III the grandfather of King Tutankhamun (1390–1352 BC), and even though it was embellished and expanded several times, its plan remains much simpler and more compact than the complex in Karnak then check in your hotel Luxor.

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