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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 8 Hours
Maximum number of people: 15
Location: Cairo


Sakkara Full Day Tour Discover the Hidden Gems of Sakkara

Visit Sakkara Tombs & Pyramids

Sakkara Full-Day Tour Discover the Hidden Gems of Sakkara Tombs, Museums & Pyramids. Sakkara Necropolises is considered an open book for ancient Egyptian history Sakkara was used as a burial place from the Early Dynastic period and then became the main Burial place for the old kingdom and it was used throughout ancient history till the Greco-Roman time. Visit Sakkara tombs & Pyramids with a professional guide on a full-day tour to discover the biggest number of tombs and Pyramids on a One-day tour. We guarantee the best price and daily departure. Book Now & Save.

During this day tour in Sakkara, you’ll be able to visit

Step Pyramids of King Zoser

The Pyramid of King Unas 
The Pyramid of King Titi 
The Imhotep Museum
Famous Tombs in Sakkara

1- Tomb of Ti fifth Dynasty

2- The Mastaba of Kagemni

3- The Tomb of Ankh Mahor (the Physicians tomb)

4- Mastaba of Mereruka

This Trip Includes:

  • Private Egyptologist guide.
  • Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites.
  • All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Pick up services from your hotel & return.
  • Lunch at a local restaurant.
  • Bottled water during your day trip.

This Trip Excludes:

  • Tipping for guide & driver
  • Any Extra not mentioned

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Saqqara is the biggest burial ground in Ancient Egypt, serving as the Necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis in the Old Kingdom the Era of the Pyramids. start with Imhotep Museum It was founded in 2006, a site museum designed to house artefacts from local excavations this museum house many great artefacts and mummies and statues.
Also this museum house the only statue of Imhotep was returned back from the Louver museum then visit the Step Pyramid of Zoser the oldest Pyramid in Egypt then visit Unas Pyramid and the Pyramid of Ti after that move to some tombs, then you’ll visit the Step Pyramids of king Zoser which is the oldest pyramid in Egypt and the first stone construction in the history.
Sakkara also has many unique Pyramids the most Important is The Pyramid of King Unas and the Pyramid of King Titi.
You’ll have the chance to discover the pyramid texts, Which is a group of spells to protect the Dead king in his afterlife Journey.
You can get inside these Pyramids and enjoy amazing text and colors still exist till now.
Then you’ll move to visit the tombs of Sakkara
Sakkara Necropolises has countless number of Tombs from the old kingdom till the Greco-Roman time
1- Tomb of Ti fifth Dynasty:
This tomb belongs to a high official from the Fifth dynasty is considered one of the biggest tombs in Sakkara.

2- The Mastaba of Kagemni:
This Mastaba tomb belongs to an official who was appointed as a chief of justice, the highest governmental post in old Egypt, in the reign of the king Teti the first king of the 6th dynasty

3- The Tomb of Ankh Mahor (the Physicians tomb)

His tomb known by (the Physicians tomb) because of the medical scenes and circumcision scenes.
4-The Mastaba tomb of Mereruka:

The size of this tomb and the colours and the scenes of offerings, fishing, Scenes showing the milking and herding of cattle the tomb of Mereruka is one of the best tombs you should visit in Sakkara
After finishing your tour in Sakkara you’ll have your lunch in a local restaurant then you’ll get back to your hotel holding many unforgettable memories for a day to remember, Sakkara needs a full day tour to explore all the attractions of Sakkara pyramids, tombs and more.

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