Travel Safety in Egypt

Travel Safety in Egypt

Travel Safety in Egypt

Is it Safe to Visit Egypt Now

Many travelers considering booking a tour to Egypt may have some concerns and questions about visiting Egypt at the moment. We have made some notes below about Travel Safety in Egypt which will hopefully be informative and helpful we will try to explain for you the real safety situation now in Egypt.

Is Egypt safe to go to Egypt especially after the political unrest that took place in 2011?

In spite of the size and the population density of the cities, Egypt is generally considered one of the safest destinations in the Middle East for travelers, Egypt having tourists visiting the country as early as the Roman time, the Egyptians are historically known for their kindness and warmth. Egyptians are friendly towards tourists because they know how important tourism is for the national economy of Egypt.
After the last presidential elections, especially with the support that the new Egyptian president SISI has showed towards tourism, with the conditions getting more stable in Egypt
Egypt now is as secure as it has always been for ages.

This is why many tourists state that they feel secure in Egypt even more than their homelands.

Safety is our main responsibility

All of our Vacation to Egypt follow travel advice offered by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). All of our trips to Egypt run along the Nile Valley stretching from Alexandria in the north to Abu Simbel in the far south, and reach as far east as the Red Sea, specifically the resort of Hurghada. There are no travel restrictions whatsoever against travelling to these locations and the tourist areas along the Nile River, including Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, are deemed safe to visit.

The Egyptian Government is committed to increasing security measures in the key tourist sites with a sizable budget dedicated solely to this goal. Egypt’s Minister of Tourism considers the security of visitors to Egypt the highest priority and believes that the new measures in place will further add to the security of Egypt’s resorts while not being intrusive.

Should you be requesting tailor-made arrangements, or any holiday with us, we will only ever include arrangements that adhere to good advice offered by the FCO. Should you wish to read more travel advice offered by the FCO for Egypt including advice on health, money, Safety and Security and entry requirements, you can do so here.

Travellers should familiarise themselves with the latest travel advice for the country they are visiting and make a personal assessment as to whether the level of safety is satisfactory to them, prior to booking.

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