Travel to Ancient Egypt Unplugged for Self-Awareness and Rejuvenation

Travel to Ancient Egypt Unplugged for Self-Awareness and Rejuvenation

When leaving for authentic trip to Egypt with intention of self-awareness and emotional rejuvenatioamong the ruins of ancient Egypt consider it like going on retreat travel and at least for the duration of it.Leave your materialistic world at departure as much as possible and be ready to get involved into the source of wisdom and energy stay at the King’s chamber at the great Pyramid of Khufu and Unas pyramid,sail on the mighty Nile that correspond with energy points along the human body the ancient considered the Nile as the backbones of the body and the temples  that located on the banks of the Nile, correspond with the major Chakras existing along this backbone or the human body.

Each of the ancient temples and Pyramids built to correspond with your body Chakra.

Travel to Ancient Egypt Unplugged for Self-Awareness and Rejuvenation

Sacred Places for Yoga in Egypt

Explore Egypt in Different Way

A sacred and spiritual Journey to Egypt (KEMT) where you connect with the beauty and energy of Egypt’s temples and Pyramids these sacred buildings built for special function on your journey to Egypt, you will stand in the very same sacred space the Ancient Egyptian Priests and Priestesses stood to access the Divine. You will discover how these wise ones marked the seasons and stars to tune into the natural rhythm of life allowing you to sit in relationship with the Earth energies like a Shaman would change your life and enrich your soul.

Experience Egypt Spiritual Tour Highlights

Walk quietly through ancient Egypt, were time to relax and meditate within the precincts of the sacred Pyramids & temples of ancient Egypt .Come alive with the powerful energies, the temple walls echo memories and energies that inspire and enriches the souls and consciousness and would like to walk with and pass inspiration and gifts of well being on. This sacred journey for people who are spiritually aware and do healing work with the energies of Mother Earth Egypt, Cosmos, and Ancient Egyptians.
We are in Look at Egypt tours we have a team able to arrange all the private visits to the great pyramid of Khufu and the burial chamber and private and exclusive visit to the Sphinx for meditation.Sunrise visit at Abu Simbel temple and Sunrise at Goddess Isis temple at Philae temple.Journey to Abydos and Dandarh to visit the sacred places of Osiris and Hathor the two places of deep energies our team are ready and able to discuss and handle any spiritual and pilgrims groups who want to travel to Egypt for Sacred journey or meditation in the ancient sites of Egypt.

Experience Egypt Spiritual Tour-Sacred journey

Planning Spiritual & Sacred Journey to Egypt

If you planning your group or private journey to Egypt and looking for specialist to handle your spiritual group in Egypt so please contact and we can cover all what you need for Egypt. We cooperate with global healing leaders and provide all with the great healing experience within Ancient Egypt Gods & Goddess.In Peace & Light. Please follow us for the transformation journeys and sacred journey to the sacred sites of Egypt.

Experience Egypt Spiritual Tour | Spiritual Mediation Tour in Egypt

Start Planning your Trip

Our team of local travel experts can modify an existing tour package for you or custom-design an itinerary from scratch.Just tell us what you’d like!

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We Were 2 Couples Booked With Look at Egypt Tours We Really Highly Recommend Them.

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We Were 2 Couples Booked With Look at Egypt Tours We Really Highly Recommend Them.

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