Unforgettable Egypt Vacation with Reliable Company

Unforgettable Egypt Vacation with Reliable Company

Unforgettable Egypt Vacation

Travelling to Egypt With Local Company

We were a group of 4 adults and worked with Look at Egypt for our two-week Unforgettable Egypt Vacation in late December 2017/early January 2018. We had arranged for all details ahead of time, and Look at Egypt was very responsive via e-mail which allowed us to develop a detailed itinerary before leaving for Egypt (this was important to us as we were planning on visiting multiple cities and had limited time in each).

They provided all transfers and tours for us, including all pick-ups from airport(s) to hotel(s) and back, private tour in Cairo including Egyptian Museum, Giza Pyramids, transfers from Hurghada airport to our destination on the Red Sea Coast, transfer from Red Sea to Luxor, and 4 days of sightseeing in and around Luxor including a hot air balloon ride and lunches on all tour days as applicable.

All of the representatives were very professional, friendly, efficient and spoke fluent English. A representative met our arriving flight in Cairo and helped usher us through immigration and customs, which significantly sped up our arrivals process. Think red carpet service! All of their vehicles were well-maintained, comfortable, clean and operated by excellent and friendly drivers, and we were pleasantly surprised by how on-time everyone was – we never had to wait anywhere. The tour guides were always in touch with the drivers via cell phone, so the minute we walked out of a museum or site, our van pulled up and we were on our way to the next destination.

The tour guides were highly qualified Egyptologists who spoke fluent English and each had more than a decade of experience as tour guides. In addition to being able to speak to the history of the country and the sights, they also provided local insights about life in Egypt, current social and political issues, cultural details, etc. In particular, Dina Danial in Luxor was an outstanding tour guide. We spent 4 days with her touring the West Bank in Luxor, as well as Dendara a little farther afield, and of course Karnak & Luxor Temples on the East Bank of Luxor. Her style was efficient and to the point without rushing us along. It became very obvious that Dina is highly passionate about her work and about Egypt’s history as well as current potential as a tourism destination, so she was a pleasure to be around and we sincerely enjoyed her company and insights. She also made some constructive suggestions on how to modify some of our plans slightly which resulted in an improved experience for all of us. We highly recommend Dina’s services as a tour guide in Luxor and Southern Egypt in general, and we will most definitely use her again for our next visit. Dina has already inspired us to plan our next trip to Egypt since there are of course more sights to see that we didn’t have time for.

The tour guides sometimes suggest brief visits to certain shops for souvenirs, stone work, papyrus institute, etc. They do not receive a commission, and if you are not interested, you can simply request to skip them. You are not obligated to buy anything at all, but the quality of the products there is authentic and original. We ended up visiting several of their suggested shops out of curiosity and enjoyed each of them because they provided some local color and, occasionally, the experience of haggling about the price for a particular souvenir, which is simply what you do in Egypt. Fun memories!

I recommend to book tour packages that include entrance fees/tickets as well as lunches on tour days (which is what we did). Although the entrance fees to the museums and sights are generally not expensive, lines at ticket offices are often long. It is a huge time saver when your tour guide has pre-purchased the tickets and can take you to a local restaurant for a quick lunch as opposed to trying to save a few dollars and instead wasting time by waiting in line or searching around.

Look at Egypt’s prices were very competitive, though not the cheapest at first comparison. It is important to pay attention to the details of exactly what each tour company is including in their proposals. Overall, Look at Egypt’s prices were a great value given the high quality of all of their services.

All in all, Look at Egypt is a very professional and reliably company that works with outstanding tour guides!

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