Useful Travel Tips for Planning your Desert Adventures in Egypt

Useful Travel Tips for Planning your Desert Adventures in Egypt

Useful Travel Tips for Planning your Desert Adventures in Egypt

Safari Egypt

If you are Planning your Desert Adventures in Egypt this year?.Find the most comprehensive Egypt desert travel guide, useful travel tips for planning your Desert Safari in Egypt, Egypt desert activities and Camping ideas, learn about the best places to visit in the Western desert, when you should go? and how to plan the best desert adventures and Safari in Egypt? you will find it here in this simplified guide about the Egyptian desert.

Facts about the Egyptian Sahara Desert

Egyptian Deserts cover about 20% of the Earths land surface in Egypt and are often thought of as unforgiving environments where it is difficult to survive even a day or two. While you do need special preparations to stay in the desert, its actually quite possible to do it even fun! Deserts provide the perfect atmosphere for some really interesting desert activities you won’t be able to do anywhere else in the world.

Sahara Desert safari is a term that covers cool excursions you would take into the desert. Of course, as many are inexperienced when it comes to the desert, it is always necessary to be accompanied by a guide and Bedouin driver who has a great deal of training and experience in desert activities in Egypt.

Egypt Desert Experience

Experiencing Egypt Sahara Desert

When you are in Egypt, it’s a great idea to go on a desert adventure. These new style of trips are an absolute adventure that you should experience in Egypt, in this desert experience you will be escorted by guide and local Bedouin driver you’ll have a chance to see their interaction with the environment, and enjoy it the way locals would with dance and Bedouin songs around a campfire at night in the White Desert. While camping out in the desert, you’ll experience one of the clearest night under the stars in front of your Camp fire  you might even enjoy a traditional dinner (BBQ)  slow cooked in the heat under the sand.While you are Camping in the White Desert , you’ll probably even be lucky enough to see a desert fox During your  Camping in the tents, don’t search for  foxes, they will come to your place !don’t worry it is not dangerous.

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Best of Egypt Desert Activities you Should Do

Besides camping in the Egyptian desert there are other desert safari activities you can enjoy in Egypt are Sand boarding and Sand Dune Bashing.Sand boarding is totally different from snowboarding, where you climb up a sand dune with your board, and slide down either standing it’s a fun activity, and one that you can only enjoy in the desert, as there is no man made sand dunes that would suit the activity. You can enjoy this in certain point in the white desert or the great Sand sea.

Egypt Desert Safari

Dune bashing in the Egyptian desert is a form of off-roading on sand dunes where you’re riding in a 4×4 Jeep that climbs up the dunes, drives along its crest, and sometimes crosses to the other side of the dune. It’s quite exciting activity and you have to hold tight as you’re actually leaning sideways during the ride along the crest of the dune.

Egypt Desert safaris are great adventures, and you’re guaranteed to feel an adrenaline rush while driving sideways at the crest of the sand dune, or sliding down the dune, and you will feel the childlike wonder when you spot indigenous wildlife in the desert

the Desert Safarai in Egypt

How long should I take to make the best desert Safari in Egypt?

To can experience the Desert Safari in Egypt you can make it from 2 days one night to a week.

For one day trip to the White desert in Egypt you can go from Cairo for camping night in the White desert,with desert activities by Jeep to enjoy the sand dunes and the wonders of the white desert. with lunch and dinner in the camp this adventure the shortest trip in the desert.If you are looking for long Safari and adventure in the Western desert ? you should take a trip for 5 to 6 days to can explore all the Egyptian Oasise from Baharyia Oasis till Kharga Oasis It is really an epic adventure in the western desert in this trip you can stay in desert camp and hotels in the wetern desert.

Best of Egypt Desert adventures

The hidden Treasures of the Egyptian Desert

The trip to the western desert or Safari trip in White desert and other in Egypt not only for Safari activities like sand Boarding or off-road or Camel ride but the Western desert contains many historical
Places from ancient Egypt temples, Mummies, tombs you can visit it during your desert tours in Egypt.
In the White desert you can visit the Museum of the Golden mummies that discovered in Bahariya Oasis
And the ruins of the temple of Alexander the great and some other interesting tombs from the Greco-Roman era.
In Dakhala oasis you can visit the Qasr city or the Places this is a city from the Islamic era of Egypt
It is a complete city built of Mud bricks houses, mosques, schools, court, the local people call it El Qasr.

Beside that you can visit an amazing tomb called (Almzwaka) which means the decorated tomb, there are a number of tomb cut in the soft hill dates back to the roman era and it contains about 300 tombs a few of the Tombs are decorated in a mixture of traditional Egyptian and classical style. Although many of the tombs are still excavated, two of the most interesting tombs in this place belonging to Petubastis and Petosiris, are outstanding for their exquisite colorful frescos decorations some of these tombs contains some Skeletons and animal’s mummies this something will surprise you.

In Kharga Oasis you can visit many historical places and this Oasis the contains the largest number of , the ancient monuments tombs from the Christian era, Pharaohs temples and museum.

The most interesting places in Kharaga Oasis is the great temple of Hibis this is temple in very good conditions dates back to the late period of the ancient Egyptian history beside this temple you can visit the Bagawat tombs or the Dom tombs these are some tombs made of mud bricks and have a colorful decoration related to the Christian mythology, also you can visit the temple of Dush it is about 200 Km from the Kharaga oasis, in the city you can visit the Museum of Kharaga it is small museum but contains very interesting pieces of arts discovered in Kharaga oasis statues, mummies etc.

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What is the best time to Plan your Egypt Safari?

To Can enjoy the desert Safari it is recommended to plan your desert adventures in Egypt from September till April this in my opinion the best time to visit the Western Desert. From September till December the weather is good it is about 25 C by the day and 20 C by night. From January to February it is very cold by the night the degrees will be like 12 C by night.From March till April it is very cool day and night.In the Summer the western desert is very hot if you are familiar with the hot weather you can do it.
Whatever the weather of course it will not be cold like Europe or any cold countries.

desert Safari in Egypt

7- The White Desert & Siwa Oasis

The best recommended desert tours and adventures in Egypt you can find it in this link. Egypt Desert Safari adventures there are many options for your desert tours in Egypt.Whatever the length of your trip from one day to any number of days I hope this article about planning your desert adventures in Egypt be useful and informative for you.
Please feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions about Egypt desert safari tours or Egypt tours in general we will be happy to answer you.

Egypt Desert Experience

How to book & Plan your desert tours in Egypt ?

For Planning your Desert Adventures in Egypt it is recommended to book your desert tours in Egypt with local tour company and this for many reasons all international travel agency offers many packages for the Egyptian desert but the prices are very high because they got this from local agencies in Egypt and add many cost on so try to search for the local desert trip planners in Egypt.we will be very happy to can plan your desert adventure in Egypt in affordable prices and flexibility and daily departure no black out for any dates. You just send us an email for and one of travel experts
Will offer you the best ideas for your desert tours in Egypt.

desert safari in Egypt with local company

Start Planning your Trip

Our team of local travel experts can modify an existing tour package for you or custom-design an itinerary from scratch.Just tell us what you’d like!

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