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Uncover the mysterious secrets & wonders of the ancient on the Best Private Luxury Holiday in Egypt.

This Luxurious Egypt Signature Tour10 days, designed for luxury travelers with a taste for the finer things in life. Enjoy premium deluxe accommodations in Egypt stay in The Nile Ritz-Carlton or Four-Season Plaza in Suites with spectacular Nile View in Cairo and Cruise the Nile onboard one of the best luxurious cruises on the Nile the Ultra-Deluxe 5 Stars Sonesta St. George this is the newest ship of the Sonesta Nile fleet decorated in a distinguished turn of the century French style. Elegantly designed, this all-suite Nile cruise ship offers all the excellent services you would expect. Noted as one of the most elegant ships on the Nile, St. George offers a full-service spa and fitness center, restaurant, bars, and nightly entertainment. Or Sail on The Oberoi Philae or the Oberoi Zahra, the best five-star Luxury Nile Cruiser in Egypt and one of eh top River cruises in the World. Lovers of myth and history will be enchanted by the sites encountered on this luxury journey, visit the iconic temples, tombs, and cities developed along the Nile on board of luxurious cruise is like a window to the heart and soul of this amazing Egypt. Egypt tour is guided, and the private tour includes all internal flights and Private Egyptologists throughout your entire tour packages Egypt. We are bound to customize this trip to suit your travel dates. Contact us for a free quote now.

The Highlights of Signature Tour of Egypt!

  • Explore all Must-See sights in Egypt
  • Fully guided & escorted tour
  • VIP greeting at the arrival
  • Stay at 5 Stars ultra-Deluxe Hotles ( Luxury Suite)
  • Stay on Board Luxurious cruises( Luxury Suite)
  • Visit the Pyramids & Sphinx
  • Enjoy Camel rides like the Local
  • Explore the Hidden Gem of Sakkara
  • Explore the Pyramid of Dahshur 
  • The Grand Egyptian Museum (If opened)
  • Discover Islamic Cairo
  • Discover Coptic Cairo’s Churches
  • Visit the Egyptian Museum 
  • Visit Luxor City treasures 
  • Visit Valley of the Kings 
  • Visit the Tomb of King Tutankhamun
  • Visit the Valley of the Queens
  • Visit the Tomb of Nefertari
  • Visit the temples on the Nile
  • Visit the Phiale Island
  • Visit Abu Simbel temples by Flight
  • Free Wifi all your trip to Egypt
  • Available for Solo Luxury travelers
  • Flexible to change anything


Our services begin with your luxury VIP greeting service as you arrive at Cairo airport. You are greeted as soon as you exit your plane and you will now be escorted through the complete arrival process, including immigration, baggage claim, and customs, and then you will be met by our representative. Enjoy time at leisure to explore at your own pace or relax at your hotel. Overnight at Cairo.

This morning start your first sightseeing in your signature Egypt tour by visiting the Giza Plateau, site of the pyramids of Mycerinus and Chefren as well as the Great Pyramid. Built-in the Fourth Dynasty (approximately 2690 BC), it is the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Revel in the opportunity to enter the interior of one of these legendary pyramids. Ride Like a Local on camelback at the desert of the Pyramids then move to the Great Sphinx one block of stone 57-Meter-long and 20 Meters High made of limestone after that have your delicious lunch at a traditional restaurant with your guide move to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities (or the Grand Egyptian Museum, upon its opening 2021), home to the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including treasures from Tutankhamun and items dating to 4000 BC. During your visit, see the unique collection of ancient art featuring the glory of ancient Egypt’s pharaohs and nobility, including Ramses II, one of Egypt’s most powerful pharaohs. Enjoy your afternoon at leisure. Overnight at Cairo.

Breakfast at your hotel followed by another full-day tour to some of the most iconic treasures in Egypt visit Sakkara it is the Necropolis of the Old Kingdom it was the home of the oldest Pyramids in Egypt the Step Pyramid of Zoser also visit the Museum of Imhotep and some tombs of the Nobels, Sakkara recently witnessed many new discoveries and still many new discoveries awaits, after that move to Dahshur to visit two unique Pyramids of King Senfru the Bent and the Red Pyramids, one of the few pharaohs who built two Pyramids and he is the father of King Khufu the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza, then move to Memphis the oldest capital of Ancient Egypt see the biggest man-made statue of King Ramses the second and the Alabaster Sphinx, have lunch then you can enjoy some authentic shopping then back to your hotel in Cairo.

A New full-day tour to discover old Cairo sights visit the Alabaster Mosque and the Citadel of Salah El din the most famous landmark in Cairo enjoy the panoramic view of Cairo and learn about the Islam and Islamic history from your guide inside the famous Mosque of Muhamed Ali the founder of Modern Egypt, then move to the old churches in Coptic Cairo visit the churches that blessed by the Holy family during their escape to Egypt visit the hanging church and Sergiouse church and get inside the Cave of the Holy family where Lord Jesus and His mother hid for Two months from the Roman Soldiers, have a lunch break at the traditional restaurant then continue to the old Bazaar. back to your hotel overnight.

After your breakfast, you will check out of your hotel in Cairo and be transferred to the Cairo airport to take your flight ( 1-Hour) to Luxor upon arrival, you will start your visits with your private guide by exploring the Karnak Temple, the largest temple in Egypt & the World then visit the Luxor temple both of them dedicated to The Main God of ancient Thebes God Amun. After that, you will be transferred to your luxury Nile Cruise ship, Which you will stay full board for the coming four nights your guide will help you to finish your check-in then have lunch on board Enjoy the Afternoon at leisure.
Some Features for your stay:
Sonesta St. George special amenities offered to our guests:
• Free welcome drink upon arrival.
• Complimentary fruit basket upon arrival.
• A bottle of Mineral water daily.
• Tea & Coffee Tray and refilled daily.
• Daily afternoon Teatime.
• Tea & Coffee is free of charge during meals inside the restaurant.
• Daily Fresh Juices during breakfast
• Open buffet served during Breakfast & the Lunch & A la carte menu during Dinner except for the night of the Galabeya Party.

A new day in your Adventure start your day by exploring the Valley of the Kings Your tour in Luxor will not be complete until you visit the Valley of the Kings the burial place of the great Pharaohs of the New Kingdom, the Valley started when King Thot-Mosis 1 to separate his tomb from the normal burial temple, moreover, he gave the order to bury his body not in luxurious monuments but in a secret, inaccessible place. So he gave the order for his Vizir (Inin) to dig the tomb of the King after that all the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom used to dig their tombs in the Valley of the Kings, it has 62 Tombs most famous is the Tomb of King Tutankhamun,

After that, you will visit the Valley of the Queens where the royal wives of pharaohs were buried in ancient Egypt. It was known then as Ta-Set-Neferu, meaning "the place of beauty". It was most famous for being the burial site of many wives & Princesses of Pharaohs Visit the famous tomb of Nefertari one of the finest in the Theban necropolis – and all of Egypt for that matter enjoy the ecp[etiaonl beauty of the Nefrtari tomb before heading to the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, The temple of the strong lady the first lady of ancient Egypt her majesty Queen Hatshepsut.
This woman ruled Egypt for about 16 years she ruled after her brother -husband Tot-Mosis II,
She built this temple as a funeral temple she used to rule Egypt as a male king because it wasn’t allowed for a woman to rule Egypt she married her brother to justify her right to the throne of Egypt.
Moreover, queen Hatshepsut married her stepson Tutmosis III and put him in the shadow for 16 years and when he became an adult he killed her, and then he became the king of Egypt and as an act of revenge, he destroyed everything related to this queen so when you visit her temple.in the west bank, you will find that he removed all her names from the walls. The temple of Queen Hatshepsut has unique style consist of 3 floors cut into the cliffs of the mountain of the Valley of the Kings, queen Hatshepsut was buried in the Valley of the Kings with the pharaohs.
End your tour at the west bank with a photo stop at Memnon statues enjoy some authentic shopping at the local Alabaster factories by the Valley. back to your Nile cruise for lunch and sailing towards Edfu.Overnight on board.


After breakfast, you will have the chance to visit the Temple of Horus in Edfu. This temple is the best preserved Ptolemaic temple in Egypt, the building of the temple lasted about 800 years.
This temple has wonderfully decorated walls and stone capitals after your visit to Edfu temple back to your cruise for lunch.
Your next stop will be to visit the amazing Temple Of Kom Ombo dedicated to two gods; Horus, the falcon god, and Sobek, the crocodile god. Also you will enjoy the crocodile museum.
Enjoy the evening as you continue cruising down the Nile to Aswan, enjoy some entertainments on board.

After your breakfast at your Nile cruise, Prepare to be blown away by the magnificence of these two temples, take only 45 Minutes flight to Abu Simbel from Aswan to Abu Simbel upon arrival you will be transferred to the Temples to enjoy the Wonders of the great King RamsesII, these two temples are undisputedly one of the world's most breathtaking monuments, and Egypt's second most visited touristic site, the Pyramids of Giza being on the top of the list. The relocation of the temples was a historic event in the 1960s. At that time, the temples were threatened by submersion in Lake Nasser when the High Dam was constructed. The Egyptian government with the support of UNESCO launched a worldwide appeal to save these colossal landmarks. They were successfully dismantled and relocated to a spot 60 meters above the cliff where they had been initially built. The more famous of the two temples is dedicated to Ramses II and the smaller one to his favorite wife Queen Nefertari. They were both built by Ramses II in the 13th century BC. The gigantic facade of Ramses II temple represents four colossal, seated figures of Ramses. The facade is 119 feet wide, 100 feet high, and the statues are each 67 feet high. The facade door leads to the interior of the temple is a 185 feet long man-made rock cave that leads to a series of halls and rooms. The most remarkable feature of the temple of Abu-Simbel is that the construction is oriented in a way that twice a year, the morning sun rays shine through the length of the inner temple cave and illuminate the statues of the four gods seated at the end of the cave. After this visit take your flight back to Aswan, you will be transferred to your cruise to have your lunch after Lunch visit another landmark the temple of Philae that dedicated to the goddess Isis, known as the Mother Goddess, the temple of Philae is located in a beautiful setting, landscaped to match the original site of the temple when it was relocated by UNESCO after the building of the Aswan Dam threatened the site. The temple has several shrines and sanctuaries after that back to your cruise

After breakfast on your cruise on the cruise check out and fly back to Cairo. Upon arrival in Cairo, you will be transferred to your hotel for relaxing in Cairo.

After breakfast, and according to your flight time our representative will escort you to the airport for the final departure after this Luxurious Egypt signature tour. ( Hotel Check out at 12:pm but you can use the hotel lobby and facilities as you like)
See you again in Egypt.


  • Domestic flights From Cairo-Luxor- Business Class
  • Domestic Flight from Aswan-Abu Simbel-Aswan-Business Class
  • Domestic Flight from Aswan- Cairo-Business Class
  • 5-Nights at 5 stars Hotel in Cairo B&B
  1. Four Season Plaza - Premium Corniche Suite Nile View
  2. The Nile Ritz Carlton-Ritz-Carlton Suite-Nile View
  • 4-Night at 5 stars luxury Nile Cruise Full Board
  1. Royal Suite on Sonesta St George Nile Cruise
  2. Luxury Suite with private terrace and Jacuzzi On Oberoi Philae or Zahara
  • Qualified Egyptologist Guide
  • Entry Fees for the Sightseeing
  • All Pickup & Drop off
  • VIP Greeting Service upon Arrival
  • Transportation in private vehicle
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary
  • All Taxes Applicable.
  • Bottle of water every day & snacks
  • Free Sim card for Internet 


  • International Flights
  • Tipping
  • Any Extras not mentioned.


Prices & Accommodation: Prices in USD $ Per Person Per Trip in a Double Room

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May / Sep

Single Room

14255$ Per Person

2-4 Persons

8695$ Per Person

6-8 Persons

8500$ Per Person

Oct / Apr

Single Room

17865$ Per Person

2-4 Persons

10465$ Per Person

6-8 Persons

10230$ Per Person


Single Room

16655$ Per Person

2-4 Persons

9935$ Per Person

6-8 Persons

9745$ Per Person

Oct / Apr

Single Room

19250$ Per Person

2-4 Persons

12950$ Per Person

6-8 Persons

12170$ Per Person

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Egypt FAQ

Look At Egypt Tours is one of the best tourism companies in Egypt. Enjoy the diversity of its distinguished trips with ease of dealing. It also helps you choose the most appropriate trip for you. We also have the largest number of Egypt tour with experience in the field of tourist tourism. We also provide you with special offers on our tour packages.

On your Egypt tours, you can explore amazing tombs in Egypt. Egypt is home to numerous amazing tombs, each with its own unique history, architecture, and significance _Tomb of Tutankhamun _Tomb of Ramesses VI _Tomb of Seti I _Tomb of Nefertari _Tomb of Queen Hatshepsut _Tomb of Amenhotep II

Sound and light shows are a popular attraction in Egypt, offering visitors a unique way to experience the country's ancient history and landmarks such as: _Trip to Egypt to Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids of Giza is a spectacular nighttime experience that brings the ancient monuments to life with colorful lights, Karnak Temple _The Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple in Luxor is a must-see attraction for visitors to the region, _The Sound and Light Show at Abu Simbel Temples is a memorable experience that takes place against the backdrop of the colossal statues and rock-cut temples of Ramses II and Nefertari.

You can travel to Luxor if you are a fan of antiquities and history, and you can also travel to the coast of the Red Sea if you love relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere of the sea and sand. However, if you are looking for luxurious, classic trips in Egypt, you should take a Nile Cruise and enjoy seeing Egypt’s historical landmarks during your Egypt trips.

In your Egypt tour you can discover that Egypt is filled with enchanting locations that offer a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Egypt is one of the most beautiful countries in the world because it has many picturesque natural landscapes, which will make you feel that these areas are imaginary, such as Siwa Oasis, Cleopatra springs, Dahab, and Ras Mohammed National Park.

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